BIDENSURGENCY: Top 6 Ways to PREVENT the Democrats from STEALING the November POTUS election

04/23/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.8K Views

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The "New World Order" as George H.W. "Poppy" Bush put it, is in full effect right now, and these Satanists want the Republic of the United States to look like a God-forsaken Banana Republic as soon as possible. If you believe this is some kind of wild conspiracy theory, then you may want stop gulping the (fake news) Kool-aid and try some filtered water instead. First off, there is no way sleepy, creepy Joe Biden received 80 million votes after a lackluster campaign that involved about a dozen stops in high school auditoriums with about 15 paid goons sitting in Covid-friendly circles with their face diapers firmly in place.The USA is now 3-and-a-half years deep into the Bidensurgency where communists run the corrupt polls, news, military and DC gulags for "election deniers"

The insurgency of Washington DC by the CCP puppets was carefully orchestrated well in advance of the 2020 fake election to overthrow President Donald J. Trump. Like never before in the Republic, the President was so rich himself he had no desire or need to embezzle billions and trillions of dollars through Big Government, the Military Industrial Complex or even Big Pharma.
Sure, Trump pushed for Covid vaccines, but remember, the majority of Americans, including the majority of conservatives, believe that vaccines are good for health safety, not the other way around. Over 270 million Americans rushed out to get jabbed with the most dangerous injections ever created, and now millions are suffering the consequences.
The pandemic was eventually -- and justifiably -- nicknamed the plandemic and the scamdemic, as it assisted in the biggest election "steal" in the history of the world. Have no doubt -- the Demonic Democrats are planning a repeat. They aim to increase and propagate the Bidensurgency of communists in Washington DC and across the country come November, and this may just be the final election ever for the Banana Republic of America. But wait, it's not too late yet. You can step up, with all other conservatives, independents, Republicans, Libertarians and anyone else who isn't too dumbed-down with clot shots, fluoride and canola oil. Here's how we can prevent the big 2024 steal the Dems have planned.
Top 6 ways to stop the steal this November, before it's too late for us all

  • #1. Denounce Plandemic II that's sure to be sweeping the nation and world within the next 6 months.

  • #2. Have thousands of legitimate poll watchers oversee the counting of votes in November.
  • #3. Get out and vote Republican across the board (while praying the RINOs don't take over) -- too many Americans think their vote won't matter, but it matters a lot (makes it tougher if it's a total Red landslide for the Left to cheat it).
  • #4. Get your smart device out and video record any and all "smurfs" (Soros-paid Leftists and criminals) dropping more than one ballot in a drop box at a time.
  • #5. Vote against any legislation that helps allow illegal immigrants to vote in our American elections (because they're likely to vote for more free stuff and not Constitutional rights).
  • #6. Do NOT support fake pandemics that help the Left cheat on election day and night (as they kick out conservative poll watchers claiming "Covid" safety) while mailing in about 40 million faked (CCP-manufactured) NWO ballots.

Every day, Biden imports about a hundred thousand illegal immigrants into our country in order to shift the vote in November. Every single one of them will surely be granted "emergency amnesty" by October 31st, so they can all vote for free stuff, while replacing American citizens who are dying "unexpectedly" and "unexplainably" from the Wuhan Virus clot shots.
We already know that mail-in ballots are the number one way that the 2020 election was a huge steal for the Bidensurgency. These ballots are so easily counterfeited, as they have no watermarks, no serial numbers, no security threads. It's almost to the point where the fake news media can simply say any number on election night and the masses will believe it's true.
Realize that what the Bidensurgency called "the most secure election in U.S. history" was exactly the opposite, the most CORRUPT election in U.S. history. It's always opposite day when it comes to fake news. Don't let this November rob the Republic of democracy and freedom. Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on the demonic Democrats trying to steal another election with fake votes, fake people and fake virus tests. #Bidensurgency
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