Bilderberg 2012 – A Mafia Sit Down with US Politicians

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Henry Shivley

The international corporate mafia is having a sit-down today in Chantilly, Virginia to discuss their strategy for the coming year. There are protesters and extensive coverage by the alternative media. This mob get together is being held at the Westfields Marriot, about 25 miles from the White House. County police have cordoned off a half of a mile perimeter around the Marriot and the big black mob vehicles with dark tinted windows have been flowing in.

So why are these international mobsters being guarded by the police rather than arrested by them? In case you haven’t noticed the crime syndicates in the USA seemed to have disappeared. You could say an illusion has been created wherein they no longer exist. Nothing could be further from the truth. The gangsters have just simply taken over. They incorporated, and with Inc. behind their names, started purchasing government officials.

The fact is the American mafias of old were international in their makeup, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese. When they incorporated they declared their status as citizens of the world. They control every country and answer to the laws of none.

And today, in violation of the Logan Act, many of our most prominent politicians are sitting down with these criminals and making deals to further facilitate international criminal activity throughout the world. If we remember back to the days before the mafia incorporated, it was the end of a politician’s career if he or she was found to have connections with the mob. But now the mobsters own the banks and so the purchase of power is considered a legitimate business activity.

The Logan Act forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. The Logan Act also bars public officials from meeting with private citizens to make policy, a crime for which the Clinton White House was fined $300,000 for. But then what is a $300,000 fine when the money is being paid to other government officials who are working for the very same mobsters under different circumstances.

The Logan Act is being violated as you are reading this article and the police are securing the crime scene, not to investigate, but to facilitate in the commission. The fact that these meetings are being held within 25 miles of the White House is a statement in itself.

These mobsters are wealthy enough to hold their meetings on a private island, but what they are actually doing is putting on a show of power, coming right out in the open and saying, “Yes, we own your government and through that government we own you and all your resources. What are you going to do about it?”

If a thousand armed citizens converged on the Marriot Motel, the government of the people, for the people, and by the people, would defend the international corporate mafia with their lives. And this is what it has come to.

At the Marriot in Chantilly you will find the thieves who have our 32 trillion stolen dollars. You will find the low life parasites that have corrupted our election process to the point that they now think they can put our president in place at their whim. These are people of force. They have no conscience and if we ever want to be free again, we are going to have to deal with them.

Instead of protesting we should be surrounding Chantilly, Virginia from every side, determined that we will not let them get away. We have most of the rats in one nest, and we are just going to let them get away again.

How much more deprivation will the American people of the American race endure before they find their courage and do what absolutely has to be done? Think about it people, these low life thugs are sitting around the pool with your so called representatives and laughing at you as they sip champaign and eat caviar, that I guarantee you are paying for.

There are millions of us. They couldn’t stop us. Anyway, food for thought.

God bless the Republic.

Bilderberg 2012