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    Bill Richardson: "Obama is an immigrant" (promotes

    Bill Richardson: "Obama is an immigrant" (promotes CIR's "learn English"... in Spanish)

    After a Spanish-language speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado on September 1, 2008, Bill Richardson spoke to various "reporters" and apparently said this:

    Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn’t just speak about immigration and civil rights...

    I put this more in the "stupid things ethnic nationalist hacks say" category rather than the "shocking revelation that Obama isn't a citizen" category as others do. See some possible interpretations here. ... rdson.html

    WNET has an excerpt from the same or a different speech as well as an interview with a "reporter" here, ... sues_obama but they don't include the "immigrant" part. In that interview, he predicts that Obama will win, and will do so by winning the Hispanic vote. The first part was right, the second wasn't. Their entry is dated August 29, so it might have been a different speech. He gave an outdoor speech on August 28 or before, with video from the Democratic National Convention itself here. ... zCHVb5RIuQ

    In the WNET clip, he promotes the "learn English" part of comprehensive immigration reform... in Spanish.
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    Richardson is a clown just like Obama. They are both traitors to true Americans.
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