Bill Whittle: Why Failure Is Your Best Friend (VIDEO)

By Steve Straub On May 28, 2014 ∑ Leave a Comment ∑ In Economics

On this episode of Firewall, Bill Whittle of TruthRevolt talks about failing our way to success.

This is a principle we have all heard of but Bill really brings this idea home in the context of the American dream, the Declaration of Independence, and the spirit of equality of opportunity rather than of outcomes.
The problem is, itís getting harder to fail in America. The founders of Apple, Amazon, Google Ė all of them say they could never get started in America today due to regulations gumming up our God-given Right to Fail.
And worse then that, the self esteem movement means that kids donít even get to keep score playing Little League baseball. If you canít survive failure on a baseball diamond at 10, youíre not likely to give it a try with a business plan at 30. Are you?
Itís critically important that Americans understand this, and that conservatives pass on values to our kids that include not only tenacity and ambition, but the ability to fail, to pick up, and to move on.
As a very wise man once told me, the secret to success is to fail faster than everyone else around you. The more failures you have the closer you are to success.
Watch the video:

Do you agree or disagree with Bill Whittle on failing our way to success?