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    Bin Laden Death Photo: Obama Breaks from History, America Lo

    This bungling administration is confused about the proper priorities within the war on terror

    Bin Laden Death Photo: Obama Breaks from History, America Losing Spine

    - Paul Ibbetson
    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    It is said that a picture says a thousand words. When it comes to today’s politically correct world, presenting some pictures may say even more. President Barack Obama’s refusal to submit the death photo of the number one terrorist behind 9/11, Osama bin Laden, is a fundamentally flawed decision full of negative consequences. The President’s decision appears to be based on a concern that terrorists around the world will be inflamed to a higher level if bin Laden’s death becomes public through pictures.

    This argument is weak and without supporting evidence. Certainly the idea of withholding potentially inflammatory photos for fear of angering terrorists around the world went out the door years ago with the overwhelming photo coverage of human rights violations at Abu Ghraib. If documenting this portion of American history through photos was deemed reasonable, how can withholding Osama bin Laden’s death photo from the American people and history be justified?

    The President also seems to believe that releasing bin Laden’s death photo is in itself an act of selfish aggression beneath the dignity of the American people, which he has termed “spiking the ball.
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    IT is to deter not invoke. Public execution was for the same reason. I don't think they have any pictures to release. And if the admin was so worried about the 24hr burial deal...doesn't the family have a right to at least see the burial? This is the 10th time he has been "killed"!

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    Nice article and spot on. We should all be demanding the photo!!
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