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    Birth Certificate Vs. Certification Of Live Birth

    Birth Certificate Vs. Certification Of Live Birth

    July 17, 2009 · carl · Print This Article

    We just did a story bringing to light how the U.S. Army revoked the orders of a Major scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan after he filed a lawsuit claiming that the deployment would be illegal due to the fact that Barack Obama has failed to produce a birth certificate, therefore he has not proven his eligibility to be Commander-In-Chief.

    To say that we started a firestorm would be putting it mildly.

    We had our fair share of rational responses, as well as the usual off-topic comments, accusations of being right-wing nuts, etc.
    As well as a few that were too obscene to put into print.

    It turns out that our theory that the document presented by Obama appears to be homemade has some support, in that it seems that there is a difference between a “Certification of Live Birth
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    How are people explaining that there are not one but two birth announcements in local papers placing his birth in Honolulu: ... abirth.php
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