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[WATCH] Black Teens Yelling “Hey White Boy!” Pummel White Lifeguard With Rocks
Do you think this was an attempted murder?

[WATCH] Black Teens Yelling “Hey White Boy!” Pummel White Lifeguard With...
A Maryland neighborhood has been terrorized by violent attacks on white...

[WATCH] Black Teens Yelling “Hey White Boy!” Pummel White Lifeguard With Rocks

in News, Opinion / by Amanda Shea / on August 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm /

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A Maryland neighborhood has been terrorized by violent attacks on white residents at the hands of a black man who has now been caught – but not charged with hate crimes.
Three attacks in under a week have resulted in injuries so severe that it will take plastic surgery to properly fix the wounds caused to the face of one 25-year-old male victim, according to Baltimore’s CBS affiliate WJZ.
While walking home from his lifeguard job at Otterbein Swim Club Thursday evening in the Federal Hill neighborhood, the victim was attacked by three African-American teenagers who allegedly yelled “Hey, white boy!” before they threw a large rock at his face. After the rock hit the white victim, suspect Sidney Joyner, 19, tried to stab him with a pocket knife, but the man dodged the blade.
Joyner was found later by police after the attack and was charged with armed robbery, robbery and two counts of assault. Officers also charged Joyner in another robbery and assault not related to this attack. The victim’s family is outraged Joyner was not charged with a hate crime, according to the report.
“I feel like this was attempted murder,” said the lifeguard’s father. “An injury that severe definitely wasn’t an intent to injure—it was an intent to kill.”
The victim’s father question’s police’s motive in not addressing the racial aspect of the attack. “If roles were reversed, it definitely would be no question whether it was a hate crime or not,” he said.
Joyner is a suspect in a separate attack on another swim club employee that took place the night before in the same area. He was punched in the face but was able to outrun his attackers. Another attack of the same nature occurred earlier that week in the same area when 24-year-old Sal Schittino Jr. was robbed and stabbed in the heart, liver and lungs. He was released from the hospital; no arrests have been made in his case.
When we asked why no charges were filed for attempted murder or a hate crime, police referred us to the city state’s attorney’s office, who said police are responsible for the initial charges immediately after the arrest but said the state’s attorney’s office can modify and add more charges once the full investigation is complete.
Police say they have no evidence to connect Joyner—the suspect in Wednesday and Thursday’s attacks—with the stabbing attack on another man in Federal Hill Sunday night.