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    Blacks still invisible in labor force-why?

    Still Invisible in The Labor Force

    African-American Men’s Unemployment Rate A National Disgrace

    New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Jun 28, 2009 Review it on NewsTrust

    Editor's Note: The unemployment rate for African-American men remains frighteningly high, and no amount of stimulus money can help change that, if employers retain the current method of winnowing out prospective employees, reports NAM editor Khalil Abdullah.

    While noting that Barack Obama’s election to the U.S. presidency was a “significant advance in the political sphere

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    [b]In 1968, when we started tracking unemployment rates in detail, the black unemployment rate was about twice the white unemployment rate,
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    There are also plenty of white illegals too! Send them all home and all Americans will have a better chance of a good life.

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    not about race, about legal vs illegal.

    The issue is not about race, religion and or creed, the issue is about legal vs illegal. The fact is that 85% of the illegals in our country are from Mexico. However, Americans don't care where they came from, they just want the illegals to go home. They are arrogant, self-serving, have cost us billions of dollars and always have their hands out for more of our money, goods and services. They are not immigrants, immigrants helped to build our country, they are illegals that are destroying our country.

    If the illegals are given Amnesty, that means that our country, has no valid legal system. It is impossible to have laws that apply to some and not all. If there is no equality of law, as Amnesty will indicate, all of our laws and entire system of government will be null and void.
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    Prior to Obama's election I would email the White House regarding educating illegals and say - "When you get the prison numbers of blacks to the same level as whites, I might entertain letting more immigrants into this country. Until then, you have too much work to do to even think about giving them any benefits at all."

    I was not for Obama but I thought he might help this problem. It turns out he doesn't like blacks or whites if they are Americans. He likes "the Global Community".

    Of all the outrageous African-American people that are really intelligent and have integrity, where did we get this guy?

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