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Breaking News: Biden Vaccine Mandate Suffers Major Legal Setback

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Do I smell victory?
Judge Stan Baker of southern district Georgia has issued a nationwide injunction against the federal contractor vaccine mandate.
Effectively blocking the last remaining vaccine mandate for federal contractors in all 50 states, that was implemented by the Biden administration.
News Max has more on the story:
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A federal judge in Georgia issued a nationwide injunction that prevents the U.S. government from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on federal contractors, temporarily shutting down the last remaining vaccine requirement by the Biden administration.
U.S. District Judge Stan Baker in Savannah, Georgia, said Congress did not clearly authorize the president to use procurement to impose a vaccine requirement on contractors that will have “vast economic and political significance.”
The lawsuit was filed by the states of Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia as well as a trade group for contractors.
President Joe Biden in September said patience was wearing thin with the minority of American adults who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and took several steps including requiring contractors to have their employees get the shots.

Mandatory vaccination has become an increasingly popular tool for private businesses to try to reopen offices, and courts have upheld private mandates as within the right of a business to set terms of employment.
However, courts have blocked several Biden administration vaccine mandates for exceeding executive branch authority and usurping a power over health policy, which is generally left to the states.
A federal judge in Kentucky on Nov. 30 temporarily blocked the contractor rule in the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Separate mandates for healthcare workers and for businesses that employ more than 100 people have also been blocked by courts.

Here are some of the reactions:

Lauren Boebert

Almost every vaccine mandate that Biden is trying to implement is failing in the courts but he just keeps going as if he was the Supreme Leader.

2:25 PM · Dec 7, 2021


BREAKING: Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide...BRAVO!...GREAT NEWS!

2:29 PM · Dec 7, 2021

Tom Fitton

BREAKING: Biden vaccine mandate suffers major legal setback. Next, the courts must protect our military from these vindictive, abusive vaccine mandate.

Phil Kerpen

Judge Stan Baker of Southern District of Georgia has issued a NATIONAL INJUNCTION against the contractor mandate!THANK YOU Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia and intervenor Associated Builders and Contractors!…

1:01 PM · Dec 7, 2021

David J. Theroux

U.S. judge blocks last remaining Biden admin COVID-19 vaccine mandate

3:49 PM · Dec 7, 2021

Yet, the Biden Administration still seems to be under some false illusion they can make requirements happen across the country:

Katie Daviscourt

Despite a federal judge blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate, Press Sec Jen Psaki says the administration is confident in their abilities to make requirements happen across the country.

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4:08 PM · Dec 7, 2021 from Seattle, WA

Nevertheless, today was a VICTORY, the states pushed back and said “no more.”

Now is the time to remain vigilant and move on to protect our military, nurses and doctors from these mandates!

Breaking News: Biden Vaccine Mandate Suffers Major Legal Setback (