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This is treason.

BREAKING: Report Drops Massive Bombshell About Obama and Islamic State... It's Treason
Now, do something about it.

BREAKING: Report Drops Massive Bombshell About Obama and Islamic State… It’s Treason

An incredible report by Fox News is claiming that some 20 to 30 former Guantanamo Bay prison detainees have returned to the battlefield to fight America, by joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra rebel group.
This information comes from sources within the Intelligence and Defense communities, and confirms fears that released detainees will return to battle against the U.S., something many of the terrorists have vowed to do themselves.
Since the beginning of the War on Terror, about 620 terrorists have been released from Guantanamo, the bulk of that number during the Bush administration. Many of those former detainees were low-level fighters that have simply returned to their home life since being released.
However, of those that were released, about 180 have returned to the fight, which is roughly about 30% of the total.
Another crucial factor worth noting is that most of the recently released and remaining detainees are some of the most hard-core fighters, who are nearly certain to rejoin the fight if given the chance. This should be kept in mind as Obama pushes ahead with his plan to ultimately close down the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Even though President Obama has admitted himself that the released terrorists could attack Americans again, he and his administration remain completely detached from that reality, and insist that closing Gitmo will be a good thing for America.
“We know that some of the detainees that have come out of Guantanamo have gone back to the fight, the battlefield. We’re aware of that and we think that overall the policy of getting to close Guantanamo is clearly in the interest of the United States, as the president has articulated,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said, completely oblivious to the contradictory nature of his statement.
It appears that Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey is starting to get it, although he still downplayed the risks, saying, “We believe that the recidivism is a relatively small fraction of those detainees which have been placed into conditions where the risk of recidivism is mitigated. But even one would not make someone wearing the uniform very content.”
One man who certainly gets it, and has been worried about more released terrorists returning to battle for quite some time, is former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey.
“The majority have remained there, but there was always, if you will, a certain seepage,” he said. “These people are ideologically and essentially religiously committed to their evil cause, and it is very hard to sort out who are going to stay at home and who are going to return to the battlefield.”
Obama appears to be dead set on releasing all of the terrorists from Gitmo and closing down the prison, regardless of the obvious consequences. In doing so, he is virtually guaranteeing that hardened jihadists will once again have the opportunity to launch attacks and kill Americans.
This is treason, as by definition, Obama’s actions are “aiding and abetting” the enemy while providing “material support” to known terrorist groups.
Hopefully a Republican-led Congress will hold Obama accountable for this treasonous act, but considering all of the other criminal and treasonous acts Obama has gotten away with already, this will likely just be added to the list.
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