BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. throws down the gauntlet on rigged DNC, promises to “look at other options” if democrat party bosses won’t allow a fair and free election

09/17/2023 // Mike Adams // 11.1K Views

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In a live town hall event that took place Sunday, September 17th, 2023, hosted by Stand For Health Freedom, US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced he was ready to "look at other options" after the rigged Democrat party has excluded him by exclusively endorsing Joe Biden and rigging the Democrat nomination process. This decision stemmed from the irrefutable fact that the Democrat party has rigged the nomination process to exclude any candidates that don't push party narratives on vaccines, climate, Ukraine, election integrity, parental rights, transgenderism and other topics.

"I believe in the same democratic values that my father and my uncle believed in," RFK, Jr. said. "Civil rights, environment, good public health, anti-war, skeptical of the emergence of, the domination of our government by Wall Street, our foreign policy by the military industrial complex... If you go down that checklist, I check every one of them."
But the Democrat election machine refuses to allow a free and fair nomination process to take place, warns RFK, Jr. "I've watched the Democratic party kind of go off the rails. My hope was to summon Democrats back to being a Kennedy democrat... but that, we'll see. It's very clear now that at the DNC, they are supposed to be neutral, they are not supposed to take sides. But five days after Biden made his announcement that he was going to run, the DNC endorsed him... The DNC campaign is the Biden campaign and vice versa. And they've declared war on me."
RFK, Jr., whose campaign site is, promises to "look at other options" if the DNC doesn't play fair. He explains: (emphasis added)

They've changed the rules... They've disenfranchised states that voted against Biden last time, so their votes will not be counted [in the primaries]. Even if I win all the states, I could lose at the convention, even if I win those states overwhelmingly, because the votes of the superdelegates... (pause) so we are appealing to the DNC to make this a free and fair election, and if they don't do that, I'm going to look at other options.
It looks to us like RFK, Jr. is about to run as an independent. He may be giving the DNC a final chance to respect the democratic process, and if they refuse, we expect to see RFK go all-in with an independent candidacy.
Defending the Constitution, health freedom and real civil rights

RFK, Jr., who has been relentlessly smeared and defamed by the corporate media -- which is largely funded by Big Pharma -- took questions from the public and spoke passionately about a number of topics now on the minds of American people. During the town hall event, RFK, Jr. spoke out in favor of protecting the First Amendment, saying, "I'm a Constitutionalist... I believe the Constitution should be defended."
He warned that Big Tech had "punished critics of the administration's policies," calling such censorship a "license for any atrocity." The government's effort to silence critics equates to a "systematic dismantling of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution," RFK, Jr. stated.
He also spoke out against the abuse of power that was justified by the covid plandemic, stating, "There is no pandemic exception in the United States Constitution." He went on to explain that the US Constitution was written by founders who had direct knowledge and experience with pandemics, and they specifically wrote the Constitution to assure specific freedoms and distribution of power, despite the existence of pandemics. "You can't violate the Constitution no matter what. Even if tens of thousands of millions of lives are at stake, you can't violate the Constitution," he explained.
"We shut down businesses with no due process. We abandoned the Fourth Amendment guarantees against warrantless searches and seizures... we systematically dismantled the Bill of Rights over a period of about a year. It was all illegal and unconstitutional."
On totalitarianism and the surveillance state

Describing today's technology-empowered authoritarian system as "turnkey totalitarianism," RFK, Jr. explained, "If a totalitarian regime ever gains control over our country, the level of control they can exert will be irresistible." He added:
They can shut off your bank account. They can starve you to death. They can kick you out of your house. It's not theoretical. They did this to the Canadian truckers... so they couldn't buy food for their children. If the government has the capacity to starve you to death, they have the capacity to turn you into a slave.
RFK, Jr. also said he would fire government employees who engaged in censorship collusion with the tech platforms:
I'm going to issue an executive order that there be no more collusion between government employees and any kind of [tech platforms] involved in censorship... I will remove them from their jobs, anybody who was involved in this. We are going to put an end to it.
About the rigged, deadly vaccine cartels

RFK, Jr. also spoke with authority about to failure of the US vaccine injury compensation system, a rigged court system that strongly favors the interests of the pharmaceutical cartels while frequently denying families compensation for proven vaccine injuries. He explained that while he couldn't shut the court down, he could swap out the judges in order to greatly increase transparency and honesty in the system, which would likely result in a flood of new injury claims being filed (and likely paid).
He also promised to end the system where employees of US government regulators receive financial royalties on vaccines. This creates an incentive for them to avoid finding problems with those vaccines, since their take-home salaries depend on those vaccines remaining commercially successful.
Other notable quotes during the town hall event:
"The day I get into office, I will pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange."
"There's mass poisoning of the American people taking place. The food now has more poisons than nutrients. And that affects behavior and mental and physical well being. The air, the water is poisoned with chemicals that are linked to changes in sexual development and other behavioral issues."
"I'm going to begin rebuilding the middle class in this country, first by making housing more available to people."
"I'm going to legalize marijuana and tax marijuana federally. People will be able to use banks, but they'll pay federal taxes. I'm going to use that money to fund a series of healing farms across the country, particularly in rural areas. Anthony Oliver is going to start the first of these farms. Kids can go there. People who are on SSRIs, they can go there for long-term living and healing instruction. Grow organic food. Talk with each other. We will teach people how to actually live in communities again. We're going to start healing Americans again from the ground up. Dignity and hope and purpose for all of us."
"All that money we spent in Ukraine is not making Americans happier, or healthier or more sane."
"The FDA and USDA are captured agencies. They do everything they can to eradicate consumer choice. They don't want you to know where your food comes from. You're not allowed to know if the animals you're eating at GMO. Under my administration we're going to change all that. We need consumer choice. Consumer choice will ultimately dictate better farming practices. There's an entire industry that produces substandard food that's loaded with poisons and toxins. Farmers are being forced to produce commodities rather than raise actual food."
"To the people concerned about climate, the most important thing we can do is support regenerative farming."
"China is in control of our landscapes and our food production. They've turned farmers into serfs... we need to incentivize farmers to produce good, high quality food for the American people, rather than commodity filler that's loaded with chemicals."
"I will de-fund the WHO. The WHO has become an instrument for China, for Davos, and for the pharmaceutical industry and the Big Ag industry. The WHO used to do useful things... it shouldn't be dictating global health policies and it shouldn't be involved in these giant vaccination programs..."
"Global medicine is the path to totalitarianism, so we have to get rid of it."
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BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. throws down the gauntlet on rigged DNC, promises to “look at other options” if democrat party bosses won’t allow a fair and free election –