Bring on Nuremberg II

Becky Akers
October 25, 2012

Will the TSA ever tire of inventing ways to waste our taxes?

Recall that this agency of gate-rapists and pedophiles has cursed us for only 11 infamous years – years Americans will someday disavow and want to forget as strenuously as Germans do those of the Nazis. And yet it has hired a full-time historian. With a staff. And these dweebs are busy chronicling the TSA’s crimes as if they aren’t.

Though the TSA shipped some of its paraphernalia to the Smithsonian Institute, which had no better sense than to accept it, “TSA historian Michael Smith” burbles that “hundreds of documents, artifacts and digital remembrances remain in the TSA’s collection.” Hey, that should make prosecuting these war-criminals all the easier one day, so preserve, curate, and file away, Mike! “Among those items are images, oral histories, internal planning documents, a uniform and other objects relating to the first airport to get TSA screeners:

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, which was ‘federalized’ on April 30, 2002. ‘It was an exciting moment for the agency,’ said Smith. ‘This would become the largest mobilization of the government since World War II.’” That quote alone tells us all we need to know about the TSA and the feds’ War on the Consti-sorry, Terror, doesn’t it?

I hope I won’t disappoint you too terribly when I report that you can’t tour the “museum”: it’s open only to the TSA’s perverts. Its purpose – or “mission,” as the Jargon has it – is to “share the history of the agency with the TSA workforce,” Mike prattles. “…9/11 is what moves us and drives our mission. Putting the artifacts [sic for ‘evidence’] on display helps employees understand that mission because they remember where they were that day. … They think about what September 11th meant to our country. And then they dedicate themselves to doing the best they can every day.”

So there you have it, folks: the motivation for sexual assault, intimidation, barked orders, humiliation, abuse, lies and thievery. Our assailants are overcome with solicitude for all us survivors of 9/11.

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