Here we go again

April 20, 2011

British boots on the ground for Libya

James G. Wiles

As the NATO intervention in Libya fails, escalation looms, triggering memories of Vietnam, and even more ancient interventions:

British Troops Go To Libya Amid ‘Vietnam' Warnings - London Telegraph, 4/20/11 ... nings.html

LONDON. At least ten senior officers will be sent to Benghazi to try to forge the rebels trying to oust Colonel Muammar Kaddafi into a credible fighting force. (snip)

The deployment of military advisors is the first move to arise from [Prime Minister] Cameron's request for "creative thinking" over Libya and officials said more moves could follow...


British officers advising native troops in a war in the Near East. I seem to remember something about that...Wasn't there a great Cinerama movie made about that.?..Won a lot of Academy Awards. Great cinematography..

That ship going through the Suez Canal. The attack on the train. Camels.

Yeah. I got it now.

Lawrence of Arabia. David Lean. Peter O'Toole. Omar Sharif.

That's the ticket.

The Brits better hope it doesn't end up like that other movie.


General "Chinese" Gordon was only an "advisor" too. The Mahdi got his head. ... nd_fo.html