California Budget Deal Needs $4 Billion New Revenue, No Republican Votes

By Michael B. Marois and James Nash
Jun 27, 2011 9:01 PM PT

California lawmakers are to begin voting today on a budget that relies on $4 billion in newly projected revenue, needs only Democratic votes to pass and would set up a 2012 referendum on tax increases.

Governor Jerry Brown said he’ll allow more than $9 billion in higher taxes and fees, the linchpin of his budget math since January, to expire June 30. He’ll balance the budget of the most-populous state with the revenue forecast and additional cuts to universities and the courts.

The spending plan for the year starting July 1 bypasses Republicans who stymied the governor’s plans for a statewide vote on extending the taxes. It also steers away from a Democratic blueprint that Brown vetoed for what he said were legally questionable accounting maneuvers.

“We’ve had some tough discussions, but I can tell you that the Democrats in both the Senate and the Assembly have now joined with the administration and myself and we have a very good plan going forward with the budget,