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    California’s New Land Use Planning: No More Back Yards!

    California’s New Land Use Planning: No More Back Yards!

    Written by Gary North on April 13, 2012

    California is the cutting-edge state. Close to bankruptcy, the state’s urban planers are ready to begin the implementation of a truly utopian project: to get Californians to live like Swedes live in Sweden. Like sardines.

    New rules in the San Francisco Bay area will no longer allow developers to build communities with fewer than 20 houses per acre. This is five times the present ratio. This means condos and apartments and duplexes. The planners will cut off development outside of existing cities.

    Only 3% of houses will be allowed beyond this urban zone in the Bay area. Two-thirds of the housing will be multi-family: duplexes and triplexes and quads, where poor people live today. In a democratic push, these central planners will make sure that middle-class people will live in these units, too.

    In Southern California, over half of all new housing will have housing choices limited to transit villages. These will be at least 30 housing units per acre.

    Why? Because it takes a village to raise children. It takes lots transit villages to keep them as children.

    Over two-thirds of all regional new housing will be in condos and apartments by 2035.

    How can this be? The environmental movement, silly.

    A law was passed in 2006, the Global Warming Solutions Act, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Then, in 2008, came the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act. This has been interpreted by the land use planning boards as mandating most new development to be close to downtown, to discourage automobile use.

    Europe has been doing this for 50 years. There has been a war against suburbia.

    People are more easily controlled when they are in well-organized, centrally planned living quarters.

    These laws will hike the price of existing single-family properties.To pay for them, ethnic groups that accept three families — “cousins” — living in a single-family home will be able to buy them. Zoning laws do not apply to cousins.

    The cost of living for young families will skyrocket. The exodus will continue. People who like homes for one family — no “cousins” — with back yards will move out.

    Alternatively, the laws will be repealed, the planning commissions will be disbanded, and the free market in housing will be restored.

    Don’t plan on it.

    Continue Reading on
    Wendell Cox: California Declares War on Suburbia -

    California’s New Land Use Planning: No More Back Yards!

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    'Predictive Policing' in Los Angeles

    The REAL Minority Report: LA cops using computers to predict crimes before they happen

    Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise uses psychics' prediction
    LAPD system uses crime stats on computers to send officers to 'red spots'
    Burglaries down 33 per cent and violent crime down 21 per cent since introduction last November

    By Rick Dewsbury
    Mail Online

    It's a system straight from the Hollywood blockbuster Minority Report.

    Police in downtown Los Angelese are fighting crime by predicting offences - before they have even happened.

    Unlike the usual method of responding to 911 calls, cops use computers which show them 'red spots' where an incident is most likely to occur.

    They are then deployed onto the streets in a bid to deter thugs, burglers and gangsters from going on their next crime spree.

    The programme has some similarities with the hit science fiction film Minority Report. The movie is set in 2054 and a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes.

    However, unlike LAPD's system who use computer data, those in Minority Report employ special psychics called 'precogs'.

    Tom Cruise plays 'PreCrime' captain John Anderton but the system eventually predicts that he will commit a future murder and he has to take flight.

    Read more: The REAL Minority Report: LA cops using computers to predict crimes before they happen | Mail Online

    This is the story of how Los Angeles cops are using computers to
    'predict' crimes before they happen.


    Yes, it IS the subject of science fiction stories like Minority

    Yes, all the sci-fi movies DO warn us against things like this by
    demonstrating the pitfalls, the dangers, the potential for tyranny.

    And yes, they (the social engineers) are moving us in that
    direction anyway.

    Next they'll be TAXING us for things we haven't even done yet...


    Out There: 'Predictive Policing' in Los Angeles

    Goodman Green
    - Brasscheck

    P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
    videos with friends and colleagues.

    That's how we grow. Thanks.

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