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    Camp sweeps, warming centers cost Chico over $26,000

    Camp sweeps, warming centers cost Chico over $26,000

    Natalie Hanson 1 hr ago

    Camp sweeps, warming centers cost Chico over $26,000

    CHICO — Costs for sweeping camps and operating a warming center in Chico have cost the city $26,653.42 up to Feb. 1, according to staff records.

    © Provided by Chico Enterprise-Record

    Chico Public Works staffers clean up a camp site Monday in lower Bidwell Park in Chico. (Natalie Hanson -- Enterprise-Record)

    Enforcement operations continue into February, directly concerning unsheltered individuals as no shelters are currently open in Chico — save for Safe Space, although board member Siana Sonoquie declined to comment on the shelter’s operation and location.

    A third round of camp sweeps continued Monday in lower Bidwell Park, when sections near Caper Acres were taped off as Chico Police Department officers handled movement of people from camp sites.

    Target Team Sgt. Paul Ratto said an estimated five camps were being cleared west of Highway 99, with two found abandoned.

    A front end loader was used to remove large debris and refuse. Anyone’s belongings found may be filed in the Chico police evidence section for 90 days, or verified personal property can be requested to be held for 60 days, Ratto said.

    Camp sweeps costs

    The camp sweeps which began Jan. 21 and Jan. 22 in lower Bidwell Park and continued Thursday, Feb. 4, in south Chico involved multiple Public Works staff members, as well as at least three Chico police officers and park rangers.

    Public Works Director Erik Gustafson reported the first camp sweep operation beginning Jan. 21, from just the Public Works department’s perspective, took eight hours, 12 workers and $4,441.28 to pay them, with equipment costing $2,280.56, altogether totaling $7,081.84.

    These costs did not include the use of any resources from outside Public Works, such as using Chico police. Gustafson said all worker pay reflects the ”fully burdened rate” which includes all benefits. Refuse dump fees are also represented in these costs, and equipment costs include rental rates including wear and tear and maintenance.

    Thursday’s sweep took three hours and 26 workers costing $3,798.60, with equipment valued at $1,262.40, for a total of $5,749.08 under Public Works.
    That means both sweeps totaled through Thursday cost the city’s Public Works Department $12,830.92.

    The Chico Police Department required additional funding on staffing each operation with officers from the Target Team and park rangers, but Public Information Officer Michelle Walker said Monday the totals for these resources are not yet available for release.

    Gustafson said the sites cleared Monday near Caper Acres have not yet been fully cleaned by Public Works staff and are not included in the current cost totals. It will take time to do a minor clean up, depending on people’s compliance with police enforcement and where they can get help from service providers, he said.

    By 1 p.m. Monday, a front end loader vehicle and various Public Work staffers were clearing garbage from camps in the parks.

    Environmental damage assessment also needs to be done throughout lower Bidwell Park and no cost estimates for that work are available yet, Gustafson added. ”Significant amounts of trash” have been picked up and staff have noted erosion and worn vegetation and soil, therefore the area is being left alone to ”reset” and remain closed to the public as it recovers.

    Warming center operations

    As for where people may temporarily seek warmth, Gustafson reported the periodically activated warming center located in Depot Park in Chico, cost has so far reflected three activation periods, for a current total of $13,822.50, excluding the cost of activation for several nights in the week of Feb. 1.

    © Provided by Chico Enterprise-Record

    The warming center set up Monday at Depot Park in Chico is not currently activated but stands ready with several tents set up nearby. (Natalie Hanson — Enterprise-Record)

    The operating periods currently accrued and totaled took place Dec. 16 to Dec. 18, costing $5,423, or averaging $1,807.67 per day; and Dec. 28 to Dec. 29,. costing $2,303.50 total or $767.83 per day, in 2020; and the period between Jan. 25 and Jan. 28, which cost $6,096 or $2,802 per day. Costs include the tent rental, cleaning fees, propane and security — at $25 per hour — for each night.

    Gustafson added, ”The first activation in December includes the monthly rate and the second activation in December does not. It’s a little confusing, but it’s hard to add the monthly tent rental as a “per day” cost because there’s no guarantee how long the warming center will be activated pending weather.”

    The warming center was not activated as of Monday night, but remains stationed at Depot Park.

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    We have millions homeless, yet we allow millions to come here both legally and illegally.

    Immigration must be shut down and we need to help our own citizens!

    Many of these people lost their homes and jobs due to the massive fires in California. Then Covid hit.

    Homeless need a place to live to get on their feet. Our government wastes billions on this with NO solution. Money down the drain.

    We do not have to spend BILLIONS on apartment buildings. It is not going to happen.

    We have vacant malls and parking lots all across America. Set up KOA cabins and use a storefront for counseling and job placement services.

    Put a construction trailer with Men's and Women's restrooms and laundry trailer.

    Get these tents out of our streets, parks, and freeways.

    Get illegal aliens off our soil. Free up our housing and jobs.

    Illegals are taking over our neighborhoods STUFFING 10-20 people in one home which is a fire hazard, and that alone should evict them out of our housing.

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