C.B.P. News Release

CBP Halts Importation of 21 Million Plastic Bags

(Monday, December 20, 2010)

Los Angeles — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and import specialists assigned to Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport complex seized a total of 21,150,614 plastic grocery bags arriving from China for violating Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duty laws. The estimated domestic value of the shipment is $448,833.

U.S. Department of Commerce Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duty regulation prevents the importation of merchandise at an unfairly low or subsidized price which is one of the hundreds of laws CBP aggressively enforces. CBP is responsible for collecting the required import duties in order to level the playing field for American companies who may be injured by these unfair trade practices.

“Detecting and deterring circumvention of the Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duty law is a Priority Trade issue for CBP. Our primary goal is to effectively liquidate final duties timely and accurately while facilitating legitimate trade,