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    CHEMICAL WARNING: Being exposed to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of DIOXINS is your m

    CHEMICAL WARNING: Being exposed to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of DIOXINS is your maximum LIFETIME allowable exposure

    Thursday, February 16, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson
    Tags: Agent Orange, badcancer, badhealth, badpollution, big government, cancer causes, cancer criminals, carcinogens, chlorine degradation, Dioxins, dosage, Ecology, environment, EPA, ghost town, government stupidity, hormone disruption, human health, national security, PCBs, poison, toxic chemicals, toxic shock syndrome

    (Natural News) A massive, dark plume hovered menacingly over Palestine, Ohio, on Monday, February 6. This plume comes from a series of “controlled explosions” that occurred after a massive train derailment by Norfolk Southern Railroad.
    In order to clear the tracks and prevent explosions, the state ordered a “controlled release” of toxic vinyl chloride from the tankers. These “controlled explosions” were approved by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. The official story is that the government feared that the chemicals would explode uncontrollably, so they ordered the chemicals be strategically released from five derailed tanker cars and then burned in pits. However, the derailment and the explosions released one of the most toxic substances known to man: dioxins.
    Massive dioxin plume could warrant a ghost town scenario

    The government and the media fail to mention that these “controlled explosions” are both an environmental and human health disaster that could warrant a permanent evacuation of the area, leading to a potential ghost town scenario. When polyvinyl chloride is burned, it creates a pervasive poison called dioxin. Dioxins are not some benign vapor or campfire smoke that can be inhaled without biological consequence. In fact, according to EPA standards, being exposed to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of dioxins is the maximum lifetime allowable exposure to this biological poison! However, there are no reports of dioxin testing being conducted by the industry, or local, state, or federal officials. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently allowing residents to return to their homes and claiming it’s safe to do so.
    Neil Donahue, professor of chemistry at Carnegie Mellon, said he worries that the controlled explosions have unleashed dioxins, which are created from burning chlorinated carbon materials. “Vinyl chloride is bad, dioxins are worse as carcinogens and that comes from burning,” Donahue said.
    The EPA’s reference dose for dioxin is 0.000,000,001 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day (mg/kg/day). This “reference dose” is the highest amount EPA scientists believe an individual can regularly consume without incurring any disease. Peter Montague, author of Rachel’s Hazardous Waste News, gave a summary of the toxicity of dioxin:
    How can we express this in terms that people can grasp? Let’s compare it to one single aspirin tablet. One aspirin tablet weighs 5 grains (or 325 milligrams, or 325 trillion femtograms), so to express one “safe” lifetime dose of 2,3,7,8-TCDD, you would take a single aspirin tablet and divide it into 32 million (actually 32,172,218 minuscule pieces. Then one of those tiny pieces would represent one “safe” lifetime dose of 2,3,7,8-TCDD.
    This dioxin disaster will be felt for years to come

    Dioxins are degradation byproducts of chlorine-based chemicals. Whenever a chlorinated compound is burned, dioxins are created. The plastics industry, which uses polyvinyl chloride, is typically the top polluter. Some of the most serious sources of dioxins include house fires, chemical spills, and trash incineration. Any manufacturing process that involves chlorine (like paper bleaching) also releases dioxins. Feminine products that have been bleached may cause toxic shock syndrome, because of dioxins. Dioxins are also found in trace amounts in some herbicides and wood preservatives.
    Dioxin was the principal cancer-causing compound Agent Orange, used in Vietnam. Dioxin also goes by the abbreviation 2,3,7,8 and is sometimes called Dibenzofurans or TCDD. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a form of dioxins. These highly carcinogenic compounds were formerly used in industrial and consumer products, but their production was banned in the United States by the Toxic Substances Control Act in 1979 and internationally at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.
    Dioxins are so toxic they caused a complete evacuation of Times Beach, Missouri in 1983. Times Beach is just 17 miles southwest of St. Louis and 2 miles east of Eureka, Missouri. The city was unincorporated and abandoned because of civilian exposure to dioxin contamination from industrial sources. The area was never re-inhabited, but in 2001, the EPA took the site off its Superfund list and a state park was opened on a 419-acre site there.
    These dioxins are not something that drifts away and degrades; they are not something that can be forgotten tomorrow. Chemically, dioxins have a double benzene ring structure, making them extremely durable and persistent. Studies show that dioxins build up in the food chain in lipids and cause lipid metabolism disorders. They are also bioactive, will disrupt hormones, and pass through breast milk.
    The dioxins created from this “controlled burn” will pollute the soil and water for many years to come. As the plume rolls across Pennsylvania and New York State, large population centers will be acutely exposed to one of the most toxic man-made substances. Cancer clusters, hormonal disorders, and further immune depletion will be the inevitable result of this tragedy and the string of hasty decisions and cover-ups that came thereafter.
    Sources include:

    CHEMICAL WARNING: Being exposed to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of DIOXINS is your maximum LIFETIME allowable exposure –
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    "This Is Disgusting:" Ohio Senator Finds 'Toxic Chemicals' In East Palestine Water

    FRIDAY, FEB 17, 2023 - 09:25 AM

    Earlier this week, residents of East Palestine, Ohio, were reassured that water is "safe to drink" after new Ohio EPA tests showed no detection of contaminants in raw water from several wells that feed into the town's municipal water system. But many concerned residents and at least one senator don't believe the government testing and have discovered what appears to be polluted creek beds.
    Ohio Senator JD Vance visited East Palestine on Thursday, meeting with residents, town officials, and federal officials.
    During a press conference, Senator Vance said Norfolk Southern Railway, the train operator responsible for the derailment, "has not the done the job on the cleanup."

    Senator Vance told reporters that after the train derailed and the controlled burn of toxic chemicals (including vinyl chloride), Norfolk Southern quickly replaced the railroad tracks through the town to allow trains to pass.
    He said, "you can't clean up and dig up an area if railroad tracks cover it... so the fact that they [Norfolk Southern] replaced the rails suggests they are more focused on reopening the railway than cleaning up this community."
    A reporter told the senator that officials suggested: "the air is clean and water is fine, but people should drink bottled water." He continued by saying folks just don't know what to believe.
    Senator Vance responded, "the air doesn't smell great to me." He noted, "the air problem is a much shorter-term problem than the water problem."
    Here's a video of the press conference:

    (519) WATCH | Ohio Senator JD Vance visits East Palestine following train derailment - YouTube

    Another video shows the senator poking a creek bed with a stick in town only to stir up what appears to be toxic chemicals from the railcars.

    J.D. Vance

    Visited a local creek in East Palestine today. These waterways are still very polluted. It’s time for Norfolk Southern to finish the cleanup. Check this video out

    Watch on Twitter

    2:42 PM · Feb 16, 2023

    It's not just Senator Vance discovering what appears to be toxic water around the town. Others have posted videos.

    Nick Sortor

    Even MORE proof that the EPA is LYING to the people of East Palestine. THIS WATER IS INSANELY CONTAMINATED.

    0:05 / 0:59
    4:09 PM · Feb 16, 2023 from East Palestine, OH <----- Video

    Tricia Macke

    What is in this water in east Palestine?

    Watch on Twitter
    8:34 PM · Feb 16, 2023

    Ah yes, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who only took ten days to address the East Palestine chemical crisis publicly. Why is that Pete?

    Jack Cochran

    Looks like
    @EPA, @fema, @nscorp, @MikeDeWine, @potus, and @PeteButtigieg are throwing East Palestine to the wolves. They're not going to help. They're just hoping it goes away & the locals will just shut up & drink the contaminated water. These citizens need to get ANGRY.

    Quote Tweet

    The Columbia Bugle


    Tucker Carlson Interviews East Palestine Resident Who Filmed The Contaminated Rainbow Colored Water Near Her Home "I bottled it, I labeled it, I dated it. So DeWine and the EPA, here's their bottle of water that they can drink while they're making us go to the store and buy…Show more
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    6:28 AM · Feb 17, 2023·1,056 <------- Video

    Meanwhile, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine won't declare a disaster for the town. The Governor's office announced Thursday that the state is not eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance.
    It seems like the government, Norfolk Southern, and corporate media want the East Palestine chemical disaster to be swept under the rug.
    We pointed out yesterday that a wave of class action lawsuits against the railroad operator and government is just beginning.

    "This Is Disgusting:" Ohio Senator Finds 'Toxic Chemicals' In East Palestine Water | ZeroHedge

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    FEMA Denies East Palestine's Request For Federal Assistance

    FRIDAY, FEB 17, 2023 - 12:29 PM
    Submitted by 'BlueApples',

    Given the minuscule size of East Palestine, Ohio and its neighboring towns, it's clear that an arduous road lies ahead as the communities affected by the chemical spill engulfing the area look to resolve what is becoming one of the world environmental disasters in US history. With just about 5,000 residents, it's clear that the town itself is not equipped with the resources needed to address a problem that would overwhelm even the nation's largest metropolises. While the situation has finally begun to garner some national attention from mainstream media that initially seemed to blacklist the crisis, the gravity of the situation is still apparently lost upon the Biden Administration. According to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") has denied his state's request for federal assistance for the residents of East Palestine.

    Governor DeWine spoke with White House officials on Thursday morning to apprise them of developments and concerns surrounding the release of chemicals into the air, soil, and water since the disaster occurred on February 3rd that was exacerbated by a controlled burn of the toxic material. According to a press release from DeWine's office “FEMA continues to tell Governor DeWine that Ohio is not eligible for assistance at this time." No one from New Orleans could be reached for comment.

    "Governor DeWine will continue working with FEMA to determine what assistance can be provided.” Dan Tierney, a spokesman for DeWine's office said, expounding on the revelation by explaining that FEMA determined that the basis of the disaster laid outside of the qualifications for federal assistance from their agency. FEMA asserted that assistance from its agency pertains to "traditional" disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like. “You are eligible for FEMA assistance when you have problems that aren’t covered by third parties,” said Tierney. “The system is set up so taxpayers are the payers of last resort.” DeWine's office stated it also requested direct support from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health and Emergency Response Team, and one of the great beacons of the interest of public health and well-being -- the CDC.
    Nevertheless, the situation rapidly spiraling out of control has made it impossible for Biden's office to ignore in its entirety. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre apparently actually answered questions when she confirmed that President Biden had spoken directly with Governor DeWine about the need for federal assistance to curtail the ongoing damage. Jean-Pierre did advise reporters that the US Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") has been at the site of the chemical spill since February 4th, one day after the accident occurred. The press secretary assured the residents affecting by the disaster that EPA officials were working in concert with state and local officials leading the emergency response effort.




    East Palestine "Residents May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations," Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

    East Palestine "Residents May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations," Class Action Lawsuit Alleges
    "This whole town's infected!"

    3:05 PM · Feb 16, 2023

    Despite vowing to provide the public with transparency into the federal response in that relief effort, EPA administrator Michael Regan offered curious remarks concerning the magnitude of the danger residents of the area face that conflicted with other assurances downplaying the risks. Regan explained that his agency categorized the disaster as a "fresh accident" that presented unsafe conditions on the ground that put EPA scientists and engineers in harms way. The EPA's reticence to offer a no-holds-barred response to the situation in East Palestine serves as a reminder of the lack of urgency that has been ascribed to federal institutions that the small town is depending on for resources in their handling of the emergency.
    Regan's remarks on the agency's role concluded with him offering the reassurance that he wanted to be sure that their response would not be putting anyone at the EPA into harm's way, despite the absence of a full-scale relief effort doing just that to residents of East Palestine. The EPA's position is that it will continue to monitor the situation in East Palestine so that it can identify when to safely send appropriate emergency personnel to the site.

    (519) EPA 🥴 - YouTube

    That lack of urgency and cognitive dissonance so succinctly demonstrated by the EPA is not limited to the federal government alone. When East Palestine residents gathered for their first town hall meeting since the controlled burn of carcinogenic chemicals launched a toxic miasma into the air, they were confronted with one notable absence. Despite operating the track which the train carrying the hazardous materials detailed from, Norfolk Southern Railway officials released a statement that they would not be attending the East Palestine Town Hall Meeting, citing safety concerns.
    "Unfortunately, after consulting with community leaders, we have become increasingly concerned about the growing physical threat to our employees and members of the community around this event stemming from the increasing likelihood of the participation of outside parties. With that in mind, Norfolk Southern will not be in attendance this evening." the statement from Norfolk Southern read. Instead of meeting residents face-to-face, the railway provided a phone number for its Family Assistance Center for residents of East Palestine to call.

    Despite the absence of accountability from the federal government and the railway alike, one elected official offered a potential way forward that he hoped would meet the gravity of the situation in East Palestine. Sherrod Brown, Ohio's Senior Senator, called upon Governor Mike DeWine to officially declare the chemical spill in East Palestine as a disaster. “A man-made disaster of this scale, scope, and significance necessitates a response and deployment of resources that are commensurate in scale and scope,” Brown wrote to DeWine. “Additional federal resources can and should play a critical role in helping our fellow Ohioans get back on their feet and ensure that their community is a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.” he compelled the Governor, highlighting how an official decree of a disaster could pave the way for much-needed federal assistance.

    As officials at the state, local, and federal levels search for answers, their response to the disaster in East Palestine is underwritten by concerns surrounding their and Norfolk Southern Railway's collective responsibility for what caused the train derailment in the first place. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, potential mechanical failures of the train's wheel bearings, axles, and adjacent hotbox detectors designed to alert the crew were being examined to determine the cause of the accident. The NTSB stated a preliminary report on its findings would be released within 30 days. However, a statement made on Tuesday by the NTSB points to a wheel bearing failure as the likely cause of the derailment.

    (519) Video shows sparks or flames 20 miles before train derailment in East Palestine - YouTube

    The over-arching concern about safety and the accountability of railway operators and their regulators has reverberated well-beyond the rural landscape of small-town Ohio. Train derailments have become en vogue all of a sudden with three high profile incidents occurring in Texas, South Carolina, and Michigan. On the day Governor DeWine's office informed the public that FEMA had denied his state's request for emergency assistance, a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in Van Buren Township, Michigan. Despite at least one car carrying hazardous materials, officials were able to confirm that the most recent derailment did not constitute a hazmat situation. Despite that, the EPA dispatched a team to the site of the incident to "ensure public safety" (read: save face) according to Rep. Debbie Dingrell, Representative of Michigan's 6th Congressional District.
    Back on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, FEMA is living up to the legacy it made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina longer than a decade ago. Given that context, the denial of emergency assistance to East Palestine should come as no surprise. With so much uncertainly surrounding the short and long term effects of the chemical disaster, one outcome residents of the affected area can see clearly is a continued disdain for government officials whose unchecked systematic failures created a circumstance for this crisis to occur to begin with. Unfortunately, no amount of federal assistance will ever be available to curtail the dangers that presents.

    FEMA Denies East Palestine's Request For Federal Assistance | ZeroHedge
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