Chinese military claims to possess high-tech NEUROSTRIKE WEAPONS that can disrupt brain function and manipulate entire populations

07/17/2023 // Lance D Johnson // 3.5K Views

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Three open-source intelligence analysts (Ryan Clarke, Xiaoxu Sean Lin, and LJ Eads) recently published a 12-page report titled, “Enumerating, Targeting and Collapsing the Chinese Communist Party’s NeuroStrike Program.”
The report sheds light on the high-tech direct energy weapons that are being deployed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The intelligence sources declare that the Chinese have “established themselves as world leaders in the development of neuro-strike weapons.”
Chinese military possess direct energy weapons that can manipulate brains

These “neuro-strike weapons” are able to attack and control human brains. According to the report, these weapons have the ability “to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations.”
The weapons described in the report fire electromagnetic beams that disrupt brain activity. These weapons may be used as handheld guns directed at individuals or they can be used in large scale attacks against a vast number of people. The report warns that the CCP considers psychological warfare and these direct energy weapons as “a core component of its asymmetric warfare strategy against the United States and its allies in the Indo-Pacific.”
The weapons are designed to impair cognition, reduce situational awareness, inflict long term neurological degradation, and fog normal cognitive functions. These weapons may have already been deployed in recent years. Over the past decade, U.S. diplomatic personnel have reported severe “neurological issues” after meeting with Chinese leaders and other diplomats throughout the world. In fact, in 2016, U.S. diplomats from the U.S. embassy in Havana began to report unusual illnesses after the U.S. re-established diplomatic ties with Cuba. These unusual illnesses included “head pressure or vibrations, dizziness, followed in some cases by tinnitus, visual problems, vertigo, and cognitive difficulties.” Some U.S. diplomats reported hearing loud noises and having unexplained pain in their heads.

These attacks have been reported throughout the world. U.S. diplomats from Austria, Australia, Columbia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan have reported over two hundred cases of “Havana syndrome.” These unusual symptoms include neurological interference that impacts work, sleep, and daily living.
Neuro-strike weapons will help accomplish the CCP’s "Three Warfares" strategy

In 2014, China’s National Defense University unveiled the CCP’s “Three Warfares” strategy to enable Chinese dominion over the world without using conventional military force. The CCP plan to use psychological warfare, media warfare, and legal warfare for population control. According to the “Three Warfare’s,” the CCP are launching direct energy weapons and psychological control mechanisms for the control of public opinion, the blunting of an adversary’s determination, the transformation of emotion, psychological guidance, collapse of an adversary’s organization, psychological defense, and restrictions through law. Their goals are to unify military and civilian thinking, divide an enemy into factions, weaken an enemy’s combat power, and organize legal offensives, all of which can be accomplished with the help of neuro-strike weapons.
“With additional neuro-strike capabilities that can either damage, disorient or even control perceived adversary cognition at the population level, the PLA Strategic Support Force would represent an exponential escalation in [China‘s] aggression in the Indo-Pacific,” the report noted. “Three warfares” operations are already underway against Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea and along the Indian-Chinese border, the authors note, and mind control weapons are not off the table, as the CCP seeks dominion on multiple fronts.
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Chinese military claims to possess high-tech NEUROSTRIKE WEAPONS that can disrupt brain function and manipulate entire populations –