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In A Chris Christie VS. Rand Paul War – Christie Will Lose, And Will Destroy The GOP In the process…

Posted on July 29, 2013 by sundance

In one corner you have Chris Christie, Peter King, Mitch McConnell, Lyndsey Graham and John McCain Inc. With the branding and advertising campaign of Karl Rove. The establishment class, or as I prefer to call them “The Decepticons”.
In the other corner you have Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson Inc. With the branding and advertising campaign of the Tea Party and Bill Whittle types. Fundamental conservative patriots without fear and shame to restrain them.

Desperately running back and forth you have the “Tweeners” John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio et al. Decepticons and Patriots depending on the events of the day.

What we really have is one FUBAR of a disconnected message. Example:
[...] Christie, at a forum in Colorado on Thursday, pointed to a “strain of libertarianism” coursing through both parties as a “very dangerous thought” more than a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks. Christie was asked whether he was referring to Paul, a fellow potential Republican presidential candidate who has been at the forefront of the party’s libertarian wing.
“You can name any number of people and he’s one of them,” said Christie. “These esoteric, intellectual debates – I want them to come to New Jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. And they won’t, because that’s a much tougher conversation to have.”
Paul on Sunday rejected arguments that the National Security Agency’s collection of hundreds of millions of U.S. phone and Internet records are necessary to prevent terrorism.
“I don’t mind spying on terrorists,” he said. “I just don’t like spying on all Americans.” (link)
What the Decepticons “don’t get” is the passion of common sense convictions. And what the “Patriots” don’t get is the structural advantage of mega-money influence.
However, the right team is the patriotic team. A team that believes in what they stand for; A team who believes in America; A team who is not ashamed to put a boot in your ass, if the boot is needed. Christie Inc. will lose again if they are afforded the opportunity.
Here is a great example of why Karl Rove and Chris Christie inc are wrong in their approach.
A white Republican guy, beat a Latino Democrat Woman, in an overwhelmingly Hispanic district, with a 22 point Democrat edge, in California.
A Republican in California won a state Senate seat on Wednesday in a District in which Democrats have a 22-point advantage and that is 60% Hispanic…
Andy Vidak, the Republican farmer, won the special election runoff for the 16th District Senate seat when his opponent, Democrat Leticia Perez, a Kern County Supervisor, conceded on Wednesday … Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first…


Simple, he articulated the conservative message. Empowerment, Freedom, Non-Government.
Vidak ran broadly on “the bifurcation of California: the coastal liberal elites versus the Valley folks.” On a more local level, Vidak’s theme of “fish versus farmer” resonated with Democrats in a District where the unemployment rate is 15% and as high as 30% in some communities in the District. Vidak reminded voters that liberal environmentalists, in order to protect fish, only allowed farmers to receive 20% of their water allocation, crippling the region’s economy. He also stressed that Perez supported the the state’s high-speed rail project that would have razed business, farms, and homes in the District. Because she supported the agenda of coastal elites and Democrat interest groups, Perez was able to raise twice as much money as Vidak, but 16th District voters ultimately rejected her liberal policies.
It is often said that California is a harbinger of things to come for the country. For Republicans looking at California, there has not been much of hope of late, but Vidak’s victory could be a sign that areas that have traditionally voted for Democrats may give the right kind of Republican a chance as they see unemployment rates increase and opportunities for upward mobility decrease in their communities. (link)

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