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    Cities Against Islamisation organization founded in Europe ... s&nid=9148

    partial translation:

    Vlaams Belang [flemish independence party; Flanders = dutch-language
    northern half of Belgium] and like-minded parties from other EU countries
    have founded 'Cities against Islamistaion' on thursday.

    Heinz-Christian Strache of the austrian FPÖ party called it high time for
    resistance: 'The islamites' refusal to integrate into western society is a
    thorn in our eyes. In islam, women's rights and freedom of speech are too
    often trod with feet', according to

    Vlaams Belang top man Filip Dewinter thinks that freedom of belief doesn't
    give the right 'to wear scarfs or to establish a mosque at every street
    corner. It is about time that we repulse radical islam', according to
    Dewinter, with Antwerpen-Noord in mind, where there are 8 mosques within 200
    metres [700 feet].

    The organisation meets for the first time in Paris on 2 february.

    <<< !!
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    Good for you Belgium it is time to take a stand.

    It is time for people who are migrating to understand they can not come in and take over your culture, beliefs and your whole country.

    He would not give his name.
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    Assimilate or go back where your original home country!
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