Climate change insanity reaches new heights as racist study claims African populations warm the Earth more with their breath

12/26/2023 // Cassie B. // 2.3K Views

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Climate insanity has reached new heights as a new study that breaks down the impact of the breathing of different races and genders on the planet has found Africans and women to have particularly problematic breath.
The idea that anyone felt this was a study worth conducting is unsettling, but it should come as no surprise as depopulation is one of the climate change alarmists’ favored methods of addressing environmental problems.
The new peer-reviewed study, which was published in the journal PLOS ONE, is entitled “Measurements of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath and the development of U.K. scale emissions.” With a focus on emissions of the two chemicals by people, the study involved collecting breath samples from 104 volunteers. Putting the ludicrous concept of this study aside, it doesn't take a research expert to understand that 104 volunteers are not going to serve as a good representative sample of the population of the United Kingdom.
The study found that humans “contribute to global warming” when they breathe, exhaling greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane 16 times per minute. Humans are given the same label as cows, “methane producers,” and the study found that our mere existence is contributing to the problems facing our environment.
Study blames Africans and women for having particularly problematic breath for the environment

The study can also be interpreted as being racist and sexist as it claims that African people are more likely to warm the planet via their breaths than individuals in other ethnic groups. Furthermore, women have a greater likelihood than men to be methane producers (MP).
“It has been reported in previous studies that region of birth or ethnicity is a strong indicator of the likelihood to be an MP, with African populations much more likely to be MPs than Asian populations,” the study insists.
It went on to note that everyone is probably guilty, even if they did not find methane in their breath, because they may emit it through burps and flatulence.
The researchers added: “We report only emissions in breath in this study, and flatus emissions are likely to increase these values significantly, though no literature characterizes these emissions for people in the United Kingdom.”
Statistician Dr. Matt Briggs wrote: "The first question that came to my mind when I read this breathtaking research was: how could people be this stupid? It has been known for quite a while that man exhales CO2. The amounts were also on the books."
He continued: "Ask any doctor who graduated before the woke struck medical schools. You can’t stop people from breathing. ... Could it be, could it really be, that these academic Experts want to reduce the surplus population to cut down breathing and save us from the ravages of global warming?”
Not surprisingly, the emissions studied only contribute a tiny fraction of the U.K.’s total emissions of nitrous oxide and methane.
This is just one of many studies that has looked at random human behaviors, whether it is owning a pet or consuming meat, and explored their effect on the environment. These studies not only lend credence to the idea that the climate change crowd is full of poor logic; they also take away attention from more pressing issues related to the environment.
What this study is essentially saying is that if we all just stopped breathing, especially Africans and women, the climate would be so much better off! It’s about as insane as anything else the climate change alarmists have come up with. When you hear them talking about how they want to “decarbonize” the planet, just remember that the carbon they want to reduce is most likely us.
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Climate change insanity reaches new heights as racist study claims African populations warm the Earth more with their breath –