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    Climategate, Sen. Inhofe, Stuart Varney and Ed Begley Jr.

    Climategate, Sen. Inhofe, Stuart Varney and Ed Begley Jr.

    November 24, 2009 ... r_embedded

    11-24-09 Sen. Inhofe on launching an investigation concerning the leaked CRU global warming documents and e-mails; then Stuart Varney interviews Ed Begley Jr. on this afternoon's Cavuto show on Fox.
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    You can't deny that there is a change happening. I don't think it is caused by humans, it is more a cyclical change from nature.

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    A problem/condition is never solved by throwing money at it

    DaveMor, welcome to Alipac. Yes, there is a change to the earth but the change is within the normal ranges for the earth and the changes result in a cooling of the earth not warming.

    An Everyday Example:
    In many parts of our country, last year we had record low cold winters, if the earth was alarmingly warming we would not have cold winters throughout our country, we would be able to go sun bathing in Maine in the thick of winter. Don't worry about the Polar bear starving (they aren't) worry about the impact of 25-40 million third world people and their off-spring being given Amnesty. See Roy Beck

    And/or worry about the fact that obama is increasing our troop levels and he is not going to get us out of the war. We need to get out of the war and focus on our own domestic well-being. And anyone want to pay a "War tax" for a war we don't want to be in at all? And/or worry about the fact that we have a president that in a Saul Alinsky advocate, has private domestic armies, Czars and praises "One World Order".

    Also, taxing the American people (and no-one else in the world) because the earth is in a changing phase will not alter the condition. In fact it will create massive job loss in our country and create more production in the worst polluting countries in the world, China and India. The governments in those countries could care less about "Carbon Foot Prints" and "Global Warming".

    If this scam continues:
    China/India will rise as super powers, pollution will increase exponentially (due to their increased production and lack of regulations), our jobs will be taken away (due to heavy taxing and gov't intrusive regulation) and the American people will be forced to pay yet more taxes to make people like Al Gore as rich as King Midas and help China and India become the wealthiest nations in the world.

    The scam has Al Gore and his Global Investors "Carbon Foot Prints" all over it. Gore and his buddies have become very wealthy off of their "Green investments" as a result of intricate Global Warming marketing. And they stand to get much wealthier if the Cap and Crap bill is pushed through. This is not about Global Warming and saving our earth this is about power, money and greed.

    It is still a "free country" and I don't want to pay for this phony earth condition:
    If others want to participate in phony carbon taxes, let them feel free to throw their money into the "Greenâ€
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    Ed Begley Jr, what a commie loudmouth. If you have a debate, it is not about personal attacks. It is about real evidence. And where does he get off trying to disclaim physicists? They are the ones who are putting the data together because warming / cooling works in the realm of physics, and thermodynamics. Boy don't take climate change info from that idiot.

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