CNN calls for limits on how often Americans can travel abroad: “Carbon passports may be the answer”

02/19/2024 // Ethan Huff // 290 Views

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Ordinary folks like you and I are still doing too many things and going to too many places for the globalists' liking, so CNN's Ross Bennett-Cook, a lecturer at the School of Architecture + Cities at the University of Westminster in London, has a solution: "carbon passports" that limit each person to no more than X-amount of travel in a given year.
According to Bennett-Cook, the end of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" has brought with it a resurgence in public travel that he feels is generating too many so-called greenhouse gases, which he believes "are driving the climate crisis."
Tourism, Bennett-Cook insists, "is part of the problem" because of all those jet fumes that allegedly "warm" the planet and create fictitious problems like "boiling oceans." The only apparent solution, he says, is carbon passports that restrict travel for the world's non-elite.
Taylor Swift and other celebrities will still be allowed to travel on their multiple private jets everywhere they go, but middle-class families will have to stay home for the rest of the year once they reach their carbon limit.
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No more cruises, either

Right now, the average American supposedly produces a 16-ton "carbon footprint" every year, which Bennett-Cook says is "one of the highest rates in the world." For the United Kingdom, the average is 11.7 tons of carbon per year, while the world at large averages four tons of carbon per year.
The Paris Agreement for the climate says that each person's average carbon footprint needs to drop to under two tons by 2050 in order to stop the climate from changing. This equates to just two roundtrip flights between London and New York per year, and nothing more.
By 2040, travel group Intrepid Travel predicts that carbon passports will be the norm, though they could come sooner than that due to the passage of certain laws and restrictions in some areas.
Another tactic to deter the non-elite from traveling too much is to increase airfares to make travel unaffordable for the average person. Only the rich will be allowed to gallivant around the world at will while everyone else is stuck at home to keep the planet "safe" from carbon.
In Belgium, laws have already been passed that charge extra taxes for short-haul flights, as well as for flights that use older aircraft. These taxes are aimed at deterring poor people from flying while encouraging them to take "cattle car" trains instead.
France went a step further by banning all short-haul flights for trips that can be made by train in two-and-a-half hours or less, with Spain soon expected to follow suit.
Germany is probing the matter further as 70 percent of its citizenry supposedly indicated in a YouGov poll that they support climate restrictions just so long as there are alternative modes of transportation such as trains or ships.
Commercial airplanes are not the only thing the climate brigade wants the non-elite to stop using. Cruise ships are likewise slated for elimination after a European Federation for Transport and Environment investigation claimed that cruise ships pump four times as many sulfuric gases into the atmosphere than all of Europe's 291 million cars combined.
"Holidaymakers should prepare to change their travel habits now, before this change is forced upon them," Bennett-Cook warns.
"Dear citizen: please wear this tag, implant this chip and shackle this ball and iron to yourself, eat bugs and avoid meat, vaccinate frequently, and do not venture alone into the internet, and do not dare think for yourself," wrote someone on X about what else the climate brigade will soon demand.
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CNN calls for limits on how often Americans can travel abroad: “Carbon passports may be the answer” –