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    Congress gets a Raise

    Raise some hell:
    Hypocrisy: With workers losing jobs by the millions and taxpayers forced to rescue banks and carmakers, how does Nancy Pelosi's Congress show it cares? By giving themselves a big pay raise.

    What a great time for taxpayers to give senators and congressmen a $2.5 million jump in their already bloated salaries. It's tough to get by on $217,400 a year if you're House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - even if, as the Washington Times reported, you funneled nearly $100,000 from your political action committee to your husband's business over a decade.

    Last year, Pelosi supported a bill banning payments from PACs to congressional spouses, but that didn't stop her from doing it. Most members of Congress have to subsist on only $169,300 annually, so the $4,700 raise they're giving themselves next year should help keep them off food stamps.

    It's hard to know where to start in expressing outrage. The last thing this Congress deserves is a raise. A new report from Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., found over $1 billion in taxpayer funding wasted on nonsense ranging from searching in vain for Alaskan ice worms to an airplane-shaped, nonworking gas station in Tennessee to nearly $300,000 for specialty potatoes for high-end restaurants.

    Then there's the tone-deaf lack of empathy for working Americans lucky even to have a job, let alone get a raise.

    Finally, there's the hypocritical insistence that people outside government who actually do productive work, like those running businesses, don't make too much. "We sent a message to Wall Street: The party is over," Pelosi crowed as Congress insisted on restrictions on executive pay in October.

    Two years ago a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called it "unconscionable that members of Congress would get yet another pay raise while the minimum wage has been stuck at $5.15 an hour for the last 10 years," and so Democrats supported tying congressional pay to a hike in the minimum wage.

    So people getting paid too little means Congress shouldn't be paid more, but people not getting paid at all via massive layoffs makes a congressional pay raise OK?

    Democratic lawmakers have dragged CEOs of oil companies, carmakers and banks to Washington and blowtorched them on TV about their pay, stock options and severance deals. They pushed CEOs to make symbolic gestures like working for a buck a year.

    Yet Congress itself won't take part in the sacrifice. Our representatives may succeed in raising their pay, but the price will be taxpayers raising hell. ... 6732406937
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    I have a lot of respect for our founding fathers, however, congressional raises should be given only by a vote of the people. The ballet initiative should clearly state how much every man, woman and child has to cough up for the current salary plus how much they have to cough up for the salary including the raise. (all costs include taxpayer paid perks and benefits)
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    This is the change we can believe in for at least the next four years.
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    The Sic , Pathetic , Arrogant , Useless , Narcissistic ,
    I am not paying , I am Fed Up , I Have Had It With Them .
    My God Send The S.O.B's All Home So I Wont Hopefully Have To Hear About Their Idiotic Idea's and Actions . Legislation My Ass .
    I Need A Freaking Vacation From Our Government .
    We the People . How the Hell Did We Put These Imbeciles In Charge of Our Nation ?
    Terry Anderson Is So Right " Stupid People of America " .
    My Humble Opinion
    Merry Christmas .

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    Yes! Isn’t it funny how their raises never seem to be interrupted?
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    Imagine...... a damn complete waste of space, tax payer dollars, Mexican government, Corporate America and Chamber of Commerce owned and controlled bunch of idiots called congress giving themselves a fricken' raise for destroying the economy and ultimately our sovereignty for open borders, cheap labor and illegal alien votes inflicting untold misery, pain and suffering on the American people many of whom have lost their homes, jobs, pensions, health care and savings. May those crooked, corrupt, incompetent, inept, impotent and utterly worthless horse's posteriors fry in hades for all eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I sacrificed my health in combat for this..........
    There is no freedom without the law. Remember our veterans whose sacrifices allow us to live in freedom.

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    Give Congress what they deserve!

    I think that the American Congress deserves a raise for all the work they have done on behalf of their beloved Mexico, therefore, they should be paid in pesos ( by Mexico) not dollars ( via our tax dollars!).
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    When I worked for BFI some years back, my ops manager tried to get me a healthy raise, as he said i saved the company's bacon in the mountains. They were on the verge of losing the entire mountain system to competitors. And the routes were in about utter disarray. It took about 6 months to turn it around as he asked what was needed , and I told him good people. Team players. Well he gave me that. I trained some of the guys myself, and did what I could to back them up after covering my own route. So after turning the whole system from an albatros to a profitable moneymaker, all corporate would allow was a buck an hour raise.

    These people help run the country into the ground and they have the audacity to give themselves a pat on the back?! Do ships with tea still moor in Boston Harbor?

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