Controlled Chaos And The Battle For The Human Mind

January 7, 2013 by Bob Livingston


The psychopathic political elites use controlled chaos to advance their agenda of continued theft of wealth and liberties and gradual march to one world government.

The recent “fiscal cliff” negotiations are a perfect example of this controlled chaos. Their chaos is the result of ongoing manufactured crises, one piled upon the other.

Political elites love for the public to be whipped into a state of frenzy over thoughts of impending doom. The false two-party left/right paradigm is used to great advantage to keep the “debate” alive.

Carefully chosen words and phrases are used to create a sense of urgency over the crisis du jour. The elites then sit back wait until the midnight hour — or sometimes later — to swoop in and “save” us. They then brag about how their actions have headed off yet another catastrophe. It brings to mind a quote from Captain James T. Kirk in “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.” “Once again, we’ve saved civilization as we know it,” Kirk said near the end of the film.

The political elites utter these words or something similar, then pat themselves and each other on the back for their brilliance. The masses lap it up and let out a big sigh of relief that their “leaders” are so benevolent and responsible and “bipartisan,” never realizing they’ve just surrendered more liberty to the state.

The people are taught at an early age to pledge fealty to the state through the public noneducation indoctrination system. Children are taught they must not question authority. Zero tolerance policies squelch free speech and the exchange of ideas. Truths and absolutes are rejected in favor of tolerance, situational ethics and consensus. Immoralities are presented as normal lifestyles. Feelings are elevated above logic.

In public schools the great explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries are described as genocidal maniacs responsible for the destruction whole races. U.S. Founding Fathers are presented as evil, slavery-loving, women-hating bigots. Actual freedom-stealing racist tyrants are presented as role models.

The evils and murders of totalitarian regimes have been whitewashed as necessary for the safety and continuation of the state — hence the acceptance of the very uncivil war; the American love affair with the war criminals Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant and William T. Sherman; and the dismissal of the deaths by violence, disease and starvation of 850,000 people, many of them noncombatants. The state is presented as right and just, despite a Constitution that is outdated, inadequate and unjust.

Sometime early in the last century, republicanism was recast as democracy. It came about gradually, but purposefully. The idea of American exceptionalism was shoved down the memory hole. Over the course of the past several decades, it has been replaced with democratic exceptionalism: the idea that democracy is a superior philosophy that must be forced upon the people of all nations and that wars to install democracy are just ones.

This benefited moneyed elites. Using money from the Federal treasury (often passed through extra-governmental agencies like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.), corporate jackals and hit men would bribe and, if necessary, threaten leaders of other nations into accepting deals to build or rebuild their countries’ infrastructure. This saddled those countries with burdensome debt and locked their populations into permanent poverty and deprivation. Those leaders who did not play along were assassinated or their countries invaded by U.S. troops under some created, high-minded justification.

The justification was always cast in a way to make it seem as if the United States was once again saving civilization as we know it. The collateral damage of death and the destruction of property of the innocents was covered up or provided with justification. After all, the United States was always right and just in its international excursions.

This indoctrination has been ongoing for decades and is just one example of the gradualism the elites use to advance their cause glacially. Gradualism is necessary for the elites to retain power. Anything can be accomplished over a long period of time, as people accept this conditioning as normal.

The elites are aided and abetted in their controlled chaos by the Fourth Estate and the entertainment industry, which continue the indoctrination of the masses long after they have exited the public noneducation system.

The Fourth Estate — the mainstream media — long ago ceded its independence and became the Fourth Branch. Six media giants now control 90 percent of what we read, watch and listen to. These corporations are large feeders at the corporatist, government trough, often receiving special dispensation — thanks to the lobbying efforts of former members of the political class — as bills are crafted. Beyond that is the revolving door between Congressional and Presidential staffs and government agencies and the major media outlets. These are primarily statists, progressives and neocons, ensuring that those ideologies are continuously presented as mainstream.

This is the system I mentioned Friday. The purpose of the system is to control the people so that most of what we think about and talk about is noise.
People mimic the system because they don’t have enough information to process or separate fact from fiction or to know reality. The system permanently insulates most people from reality. There is no hope for them unless they seek reality regardless of their inbred convictions.

Those who do seek reality read regularly and long for information outside of conventional wisdom. They question everything, particularly the propaganda disseminated by the elites and their media mouthpieces. They usually converse with others of like mind.

IQ, education, professional background or even financial success in no way provides a special escape hatch from the entrapment of the system. Unless one escapes the parameters of the system, his perception of reality will be distorted one way or the other. And as long as anyone is mentally encumbered by the system, he is subject to being manipulated against his best interests. I have seen many an intelligent person act against his own best interests in order to not buck the system.

But there is enough information for those who read and search to separate fact from fiction. It takes some people a few years and others a lifetime to come to grips with it. That’s because when confronted with a challenge to prevailing or conventional wisdom, the typical human mind closes off. When this happens, the individual employs avoidance behavior, writing off the new knowledge as conspiracy theory and labeling it as “kooky,” “insane” or “stupid.” The information can then be dismissed, never to be considered again, even when presented with facts in support of the new knowledge.
For this reason, the system remains in place. It takes the atypical, curious, discerning mind to step outside the mainstream of thought.

There will be much more controlled chaos ahead. In the coming months, discussions will be on gun control, the debt ceiling and immigration reform, among others. In all of these discussions, usual buzzwords and propaganda will be used to distract and deflect the real nature of the debate.

Those stuck within the system will sit back and wait for the political class to once again save civilization as we know it. Those outside the system will work to awaken the slumbering masses to the ongoing destruction of the Constitution and foundational ideals of the Nation.

Controlled Chaos And The Battle For The Human Mind : Personal Liberty Digest™