Corporate Media Turbo-charges War On Terror Homeland Threat

Establishment says ISIS will attack America

Kurt Nimmo | | June 16, 2014

The media in the United States is beginning to ramp up the fear quotient as ISIS moves closer to overtaking Baghdad and northern Iraq.

Following remarks over the weekend by the infamous neocon from South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, that the United States faces it next 9/11 at the hands of the well-organized and armed (courtesy Saudi Arabia and the CIA) ISIS terror group, CBS News today asks if the group will plan a “9/11-style” terror attack in the U.S.
“The seeds of 9/11s are being planted all over Iraq and Syria,” Graham warned on Face the Nation. “They want an Islamic caliphate that runs through Syria and Iraq… and they plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home.”

Graham: Iraq and Syria present direct threat to U.S. homeland.

“You’ve got motivation mixed with opportunity, ideology and foreign fighters and all of that looks like a very extreme version of Afghanistan in the ’90s, plus what was happening in Iraq after the Iraq war,” said CBS News National Security Analyst Juan Zarate. “This is a cauldron of future terrorist threats to the west.”
If we are to accurately weigh this commentary, we will need look at Mr. Zarate’s background. He runs the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank rife over the years with a rotating roster of insiders, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, the neocon Michael Ledeen, Admiral Thomas Moorer, and others. It is funded in part by the billionaire heir to the Mellon family, Richard Scaife, who has murky connections to the CIA. Zarate’s organization also has connections to the Ford Foundation, which may as well be a branch office of the CIA.
It should, of course, come of no surprise that CBS – a key asset of Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s takeover of corporate media spanning more than 60 years – has trotted out an “analyst” warning of scary attacks on the homeland.
Another Mockingbird alphabet propaganda outfit, ABC News, recently featured Ret. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who said “all Americans should be concerned” by ISIS in Iraq.
Meanwhile, over on the “right” side of the dial, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers took to Fox News and warned America about ISIS bad guys.
“I guarantee you: this is a problem that we will have to face and we’re either going to face it in New York City or we’re going to face it here,” he said, trying to sound prophetic.
“These are not monkey bar terrorists out in the desert somewhere planning some very low-level attack. These are sophisticated, command and controlled, seasoned combat veterans who understand the value of terrorism operations external to the region, meaning Europe and the United States. That is about as dangerous a recipe as you can put together,” he added.
CNN joined the discussion. It characterized ISIS as a sort of radical Muslim “foreign legion” and said intelligence agencies are abuzz over the success of the group in Iraq.
“A senior U.S. official, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said last week that events in Syria and Iraq are dominating discussions in the counter-terrorism community,” CNN, the former home of the Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, reported. “The official said ISIS was now focused on Iraq, but “the big concern” was that it will shift its attention to the West — identifying, recruiting and training Western individuals to return to their homelands as hardened, combat-trained extremists.”
CNN cited FBI boss James Corney, who said last month: “There’s going to be a diaspora out of Syria at some point, and we are determined not to let lines be drawn from Syria today to a future 9/11.”
Aaron Zelin, who is a fellow at the Democrat version of a neocon organization, the Washington Center for Near East Policy (which is a spin-off the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), estimates that almost 3,000 European citizens have travelled to fight in Syria.
“If the group can retain even a few of its spectacular gains in Iraq, adding to the northern parts of Syria it already controls, the flow of foreign fighters from the Arab world and the West will likely be turbo-charged. ISIS has already proved adept at releasing a string of propaganda videos featuring foreign fighters,” CNN reports.
It is also apparently adept at frightening untutored Americans with a raft of scary beheading and mass execution videos now making the rounds at Youtube.

Brooke Goldstein: Syrian-trained jihadists “now coming home.”

If anything is “turbo-charged,” it is the latest phase of the war on terror, scheduled to last generations, if not forever (or at least until the United States implodes under the weight of its own contradictions and debt).
As has documented for more than a decade, the war on terror is in fact a contrived event designed to level nations through “creative destruction” and establish a high-tech surveillance police state at home.
ISIS, as we have shown, was engineered by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. It is based on a template used in Afghanistan to take down the Soviet Union, as the globalist operative Zbigniew Brzezinski has readily admitted. The Afghan Mujahideen became the Taliban and al-Qaeda and, over the last two years, al-Qaeda morphed into a more ominous and darkly menacing threat operating strategically in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

ISIS, al-Shabaab, al-Nusra, Boko Haram, etc., these are not coincidentally formed terror organizations. They are the shock troops of the New World Order.