COVID-19 vaccines definitely linked to kidney injuries and long-term renal damage

03/10/2024 // Cassie B. // 1.3K Views

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The heart-related dangers of COVID-19 vaccines are very well-known at this point, but there is another organ that appears to be suffering from the jabs that is getting far less attention: the kidneys.
According to Dr. Peter A. McCullough, an epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist, a worrying number of kidney and renal effects are being reported in connection with the vaccine, and he fears that it may be overlooked to the point where these problems are not discovered in patients until it is too late to intervene.
He notes that kidneys receive a quarter of all cardiac output and filter blood on a regular basis. With studies showing that around half of vaccinated individuals have detectable levels of the COVID-19 vaccine spike protein in their bloodstream, it is not a stretch to posit that the spike protein and mRNA could end up settling within the kidneys and causing an expression of the spike protein there.
A scientific review outlined 28 published mechanisms of renal damage and kidney injury stemming from the jabs, with most pathways related to inflammation from autoimmunity or direct cytokine damage.
This dovetails with a paper that was published on a preprint server last year by scientists from the New Zealand Ministry of Health that showed the vaccine causes kidney injury. Interestingly, the paper somehow managed to “disappear” from the preprint server before popping up again later in the year in a peer-reviewed journal with some numbers changed to reframe the jab as safe for kidneys.
In an examination of VAERS database information, Steve Kirsch found that just one vaccine in the database’s 30-year history had a signal for acute kidney injury – and it was indeed the COVID-19 vaccine.
Doctors are too afraid to admit the vaccines cause damage

The problem is that many in the medical establishment are so fearful of admitting that the vaccines can cause any damage that they aren’t giving the possibility the weight it deserves. After being threatened with losing their license, many physicians are hesitant to even suggest something could be wrong with a patient after getting jabbed. As a result, people may not be getting the tests and treatments they need.
This is something that Dr. McCullough, who is an expert in complications caused by the COVID-19 vaccine and the virus itself, is worried about. He said that with so many people experiencing “pressing medical problems” such as blood clots, cardiac arrest, myocarditis and stroke, renal damage might be discovered when it is too late to treat it.
South Korean researchers who explored new-onset kidney diseases following COVID-19 vaccination expressed a similar sentiment. They looked at cases of people without a history of kidney-related problems who sought medical care following symptoms that arose after COVID-19 vaccination, such as red urine, acute kidney injury and decreased renal function.
The study was not controlled, which means they cannot conclusively determine causality. But they did caution: “However, COVID-19 vaccines are known to cause new-onset or relapsing glomerular diseases due to potent immune dysregulation, and various therapeutic responses have been reported.”
In the conclusion of their study, which was published in the journal Vaccines, they wrote: “Although we could not confirm causality between vaccinations and these phenomena, in this time of mass vaccination, clinicians need to consider the possibility that vaccines may have provoked kidney diseases in patients who have renal symptoms.”
If healthcare providers aren’t allowed to talk about vaccine side effects, they won’t be able to monitor people or identify the causes of their problems so they can provide effective solutions. The damage has already been done by forcing untested vaccines on people, but now it’s time to acknowledge the very real adverse effects so doctors can be fully informed and help their patients get the treatment they need without fear of professional repercussions.
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COVID-19 vaccines definitely linked to kidney injuries and long-term renal damage –