Cross Dresser Giuliani Questions Foot-in-the-mouth Bidenís Mental Capacity

Kurt Nimmo
August 15, 2012

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has criticized vice president Joe Bidenís boneheaded remarks while campaigning for Obama in Virginia.

Biden told an audience consisting primarily of black Americans that if selected to read a teleprompter for the bankster elite, Romney and a Republican Congress would put them back in chains.

ďI think if it came from somebody serious, maybe weíd get all excited about it,Ē Giuliani said on CNBCís The Kudlow Report. ďBut I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, Iíve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. ÖThereís a real fear if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it.Ē

How soon we forget. Back in 1997, shortly after winning re-election as New Yorkís tough guy mayor, Giuliani engaged in a bit of unserious behavior of his own. He dressed up as a woman at an annual political roast known as the Inner Circle dinner (an apropos name). He also appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit dressed as a woman.

Rudy apparently likes to dress in drag. He did it again in 2000 at another Inner Circle dinner. During that event, he pretended to flirt with Donald Trump and slap the loud-mouth real estate tycoon and wanna-be presidential candidate for trying to get too ďfamiliarĒ with him. He also decided to go on the television show Queer as Folk dressed in drag, but the appearance never took place, no doubt after his handlers advised against it.

Back in 2008, Rudy seriously thought he could become the nationís first (that we know of) cross dressing president and teleprompter reader. Thankfully, in January of that year, Giuliani came in a distant fourth with 9 percent of the vote in New Hampshire. Faced with dismal poll results going into Super Tuesday, he threw in the towel and supported John McCain.

Giulianiís scathing comments about Bidenís mental capacity have become a minor circus sideshow playing out in the establishment media. It is yet another example of the absurd lengths the hand-picked players in the false left-right paradigm game will go through to distract us from the real issues.

Ľ Cross Dresser Giuliani Questions Foot-in-the-mouth Biden’s Mental Capacity Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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