DEA agents set up prostitute for Secret Service agent in Colombia: report

January 10, 2013

A Justice Department investigation has revealed that the Secret Service hooker scandal had a helping hand -- Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

According to documents obtained by NBC News, two DEA agents “facilitated a sexual encounter” between a prostitute and a Secret Service agent only days before President Obama was scheduled to visit Colombia.

A third DEA agent was present but not involved in the illicit affair, according to a summary of the findings.

The investigation also found that all three DEA agents admitted to paying for a prostitute and that they used their Blackberries to arrange the ordeal.

A prostitute stands in front of the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena.

The summary, however, concluded that the agents won't be prosecuted. The case has been handed over to the DEA.

Prostitution is legal in much of Colombia inside “tolerance zones” controlled by police. The going rate for hookers in Cartagena is around $47, according to Colombian TV.

The Secret Service agent who shamed the United States after a wild night of babes and booze that ended in an argument with a Colombian hooker over as little as $47.

One of 11 elite agents assigned to ensure President Obama’s protection at a summit meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, was busted after his lady of the evening refused to leave his hotel room in the morning without her fee.

The trouble began for the Secret Service when a hotel employee noticed a hooker’s ID was still at the front desk at 7 a.m., in violation of hotel policy on overnight guests.

The agent eventually forked over the money and the situation was resolved. But the cops were called and they filed a report, which was sent to the US Embassy.

DEA agents set up prostitute for Secret Service agent in Colombia: report -