Debbie Georgatos and Garrett Ziegler discuss various crimes found on Hunter Biden’s LAPTOP FROM HELL – Brighteon.TV

Wednesday, May 03, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) Garrett Ziegler outlined the various crimes shown in Hunter Biden’s controversial “laptop from hell” during his April 25 appearance on the Brighteon.TV program “America, Can We Talk?” These crimes were specified in a comprehensive dossier titled “Report on the Biden Laptop,” which was compiled by staffers at the Marco Polo nonprofit founded by Ziegler himself.
“Our goal with this dossier was to put out everything that we could prove on paper,” Ziegler told host Debbie Georgatos. “Not just an allegation, but everything that we could prove was a violation of a state or federal crime or regulation.”
Georgatos praised the book’s systematic way of presenting information. She pointed out that the business-related crimes were in one section, with certain content in the laptop proving the crime and the statute it violated clearly indicated. The report also broke down the presidential son’s crimes by geographic location – Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania.
Another section of the dossier outlined Hunter’s sex-related crimes, with many lewd images to back them up. Drug-related crimes are also tackled in another chapter.
Ziegler disclosed that in the process of writing the dossier, he got in touch with every single business partner, drug dealer and prostitute that the presidential son coordinated with. While 95 percent told him to “stay out of business,” he said “five percent of them talked.”
A post on the Marco Polo Substack said the 630-page dossier has been sent to members of Congress; U.S. attorneys in charge of locations where the Bidens and their associates committed their crimes; and law enforcement at both the state and local level. The nonprofit also sent the dossier to every contact on the laptop, including all of Hunter’s classmates at Archmere Academy in Delaware and several current White House staffers.
FBI just sat on laptop’s controversial content

Georgatos remarked that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) just sat on the laptop instead of looking at its contents. The agency itself admitted that it had possession of the device even before the November 2020 presidential elections. Ziegler agreed, saying that the FBI should have launched a probe right away.
He also blasted Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, for claiming that his second son “was the smartest man he knows from a pure intellectual capacity” back in December 2020.
“This guy [Hunter] has no repentance, doesn’t apologize for anything [and] has no self-awareness in the present. The U.S. president, which has the nuclear codes, says this is the smartest man he knows. So why wouldn’t you want to learn about the smartest man he knows?”
The crimes on the laptop, which Ziegler and three others collated, may not be pursued by prosecutors. An April 26 report by CNBC said lawyers for the presidential son met with attorneys from the Department of Justice on that day to discuss potential criminal charges. (Related: AG Merrick Garland exposed as the corrupt Biden official who tried to sweep Hunter Biden’s tax crimes under the rug.)
“It would not surprise me if there [was] ultimately a resolution of this case short of a public indictment, some kind of information and a plea bargain,” remarked renowned constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz during an appearance on “Mornings with Maria.”
He continued: “It was the Biden people who sought the meeting, which means they’re probably in a negotiating mode. People don’t seek meetings just for a status report or an update. You can do that on the phone when you bring in a group of lawyers to talk to people in the Justice Department. It’s generally part of a negotiation.”
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