The Decline Of America's Economic Model In 1 Simple Chart

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/20/2014 20:17 -0400

"You can't eat GDP, and you can't live in a rising stock market" is the striking phrase from NY Times' Neil Irwin as he offers the most damning chart of the decline of America's Economic Model (and dream). As we have explained vociferously, the most important thing to understand about today’s economy is: Around 1999, growth in the United States economy stopped translating to growth in middle-class incomes.

The choice, by Greenspan and carried on by his followers, was to enable the financialization of the US economy for the benefit of the few, at the cost of the many. As Irwin concludes, and we explained previously, Americans feel disappointed by the economy; the new data show that they have good reason.

Source: NY Times

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Perhaps, just perhaps, Rick Santelli was right after all...
"This is America! We don't follow consensus, we set it!"
This is what Santelli is upset about... Who is the Fed working for? Main Street or Wall Street?

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