One of the most remarkable aspects of the Charlotte riots-and despite media social conditioning, that’s precisely what they are-is how unsurprising this reaction is. Whether it’s a clear cut case of police brutality/excessive force against an innocent civilian, or an example of a law enforcement officer defending his life in the face of lethal aggression, this is what we as a society have come to expect after every police shooting.

Regardless of the race of the officer, what quickly ensues is an anti-white pogrom, as well as press justifications for this atavistic savagery, despite reporters being targeted by the same individuals, sometimes on live television.

We’ve just come to accept the notion that rampaging across your city, targeting anyone and everyone who is non-white, even those reporters who’ve served as apologists for this sort of mindless destruction and racial hatred of white people, is an acceptable response to perceived political or social grievances.

In fact, this sort of unreasoned wide scale violence is probably our fault, at least according to the former First Lady and current Democratic nominee for President...