DEFEATED: Polls Looking BAD For Dems In Swing States

by Abdul about 3 hours ago

The democrats must have thought their reign of terror would have made them invincible, especially since they had threatened Americans who dared to support the republicans. Unluckily for them, the polls say that the end of their reign is just around the corner.

New polls from Data for Progress must have gotten the democrats all sweaty as it shows that in three swing states, democrats will most likely lose their seats pretty soon. Christmas has come early for republicans who wish to retake control of Congress. For everyone’s sanity, it is about time these democrats are stopped for the ridiculous bills and policies they have been implementing.
According to these new polls, thighs are looking pretty good for Blake Masters, a Trump-backed candidate running against the incumbent Senator, Mark Kelly. The survey found that the incumbent only has a one-point lead over Masters in a 48-47 ratio. The differences when a job is well done compared to when a job is not done at all are usually pretty obvious, and that is the case with Kelly. Republicans are not complaining, but the incumbent should feel embarrassed for leading with barely a point.
Another democrat who should not be able to show his face should be the incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock, who is tied at 46 percent with his republican opponent, Herschel Walker. Walker is also a Trump-endorsed candidate and will do a much better job in Georgia than Warnock.

In addition, Daily Caller reported, “In Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt leads opponent Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, with 47% of respondents saying they would vote for Laxalt compared to 46% for Cortez Masto, according to the poll.
No other facts are needed to see that Americans in these environments are tired and need a change. These incumbent democrats not being able to get half of the people in their states to vote in their favor proves this.

Americans have been led by the democrats and have seen that it was not the best decision ever and Republicans once again have the chance to retake control of the nation and fix the damage done by the Biden administration before it gets out of hand.

Data for Progress

NEW BATTLEGROUND POLLS: Today, we released new polls in 3 critical battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Thread below:AZ:Sen. Kelly narrowly leads Masters 48% - 47%GA:Sen. Warnock and Walker tied 46% - 46%NV:Laxalt narrowly leads Sen. Cortez Masto 47% - 46%

3:11 PM · Sep 22, 2022

Moving on, Arizona and Georgia Senate seats might not be the only victories recorded for Republicans in both states. Things are also looking terrible for the Democratic gubernatorial candidates of both states.
As expected, Kari Lake, who has Trump’s backing, is leading her opponent, Katie Hobbs, in 51-47 percent because Trump is not regarded as a kingmaker for no reason. In Georgia, the incumbent republican governor Brian Kemp is also leading his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams with almost 10 points.
Several other surveys have found that Americans are tired of the democrats and Biden all around the country, and the Republicans will emerge victorious in the coming elections. Though some may doubt the credibility of these polls, the firm has assured that they are as reliable as the election results.

DEFEATED: Polls Looking BAD For Dems In Swing States (