Delta Smelt or Farm Family, Spotted Owl or Loggers

Which of these two endangered species is worth saving?

By Bob Shoup
Sunday, September 6, 2009

Which of these two endangered species is worth saving; the delta smelt or the migrant farm family?

For most rational people, the answer is obvious. Saving people is more important than saving minnows. But too many environmentalists are not rational people. And environmental groups, under the leadership of Earth Justice and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have virtually shut down agriculture in part of California to save the delta smelt.

Having successfully shut down agriculture near the delta since 2007, have the numbers of delta smelt rebounded dramatically? No. But the losses to the agricultural community have been staggering. Reasonable people could sit together and develop a plan that works for both fish and farmer. But as I mentioned, most environmental groups are not rational. Far too many environmentalists are elitists who look down on people. Although the closest most of these environmental elitists have been to nature is the potted plant in their office, they instinctively know what is best for the environment by virtue of their superior intellect. And if farm workers need to starve in order for them to feel like they are saving the delta smelt, then so be it.

Which of these two endangered species is worth saving; the Northern Spotted Owl or the logger?

Admittedly, the owl is cuter, but for most rational people, the answer is still obvious. Again, the environmentalists have sided with the owl and after numerous lawsuits filed by the environmental lobby logging throughout much of the northwest has been shut down. The impact on families and on small communities like Grangeville Idaho has been devastating. At one time, Grangeville used to be a large community with several lumber mills. Now they are down to one mill and it is struggling. The only businesses actually thriving in Grangeville are the food banks. So once again, people are now struggling, and the environmental lobby is hooting about their success. Does the environmental lobby care about the loss of jobs or the demise of places like Grangeville their actions have caused? Don’t bet on it.

And once again, the environment has not been improved. In fact, throughout much of the northwest, trees are dead and dying as a result of poorly thought out environmental policy. The recent wildfires in California have further demonstrated the disastrous results of this poor policy. By not allowing limited logging and removal of undergrowth, fires, when they occur, are far more devastating.

Based on their record, one could claim that Earth Justice and the NRDC have more in common with Hamas and Hezbollah than they do with conservation groups. Hamas and Hezbollah hide behind a shield of women and children while seeking to destroy Israel. Earth Justice and the NRDC hide behind the shield of environmentalism while seeking to destroy the businesses and small-town America they seem to hold in contempt.

If you think that the above statements are an exaggeration, simply examine the records of Earth Justice, ( and the NRDC ( Have they bought and restored land? No! Have they instituted breeding programs for endangered species? No! What they do is sue! They sue businesses and regulatory agencies in order to shut down any business or activity that they do not like. And they do it all in the name of environmentalism, which of course gives it an air of legitimacy, just as building schools gives Hamas an air of legitimacy.

Lost your job or income to environmental protectionism? Sue!
So how do we fight back? How do we protect the human species from economic endangerment? The answer is to use the same tactics employed by Earth Justice and the NRDC. Sue them.

Lost your job or income to environmental protectionism? Sue!

Has your community been decimated by a loss of industry targeted by environmentalists? Sue!

Have you suffered mental pain and anguish worrying about your job? Sue

Sue the environmentalists and sue the regulatory agencies that implement their policies.

Next, embark on a campaign to show how flawed these so-called environmental policies are. After all, which endangered species should we save?