Demand Congress stop withholding taxes now

By: Devvy
November 16, 2009

Last week the new unemployment numbers came out: 502,000 new unemployment claims. The usurper camped out in the White House gave a short speech on how to address the continuing hemorrhaging of jobs in this country: He's going to hold a "summit" next month. Isn't that clever of Obama aka Barry Soetoro? Then, he hops on his favorite toy, Air Force One, and jets out of town again to go bow to foreign governments who can collapse our economy in five minutes.

What the heck good is a "summit" next month going to do for millions of families suffering right now? There's talk of more stimulus packages to do what? Saddle us with more debt? All of these stimulus packages have done NOTHING for long term job growth in the private sector. How much more of doing the same thing that keeps failing are the American people going to sit back and swallow?

Millions of us have pounded on getting rid of the unnecessary federal income tax for decades. Congressman Ron Paul, has introduced bills in the past to get rid of the withholding taxing scheme. Always ignored by your member of Congress (and the idiot who represents me here in Texas) as they just spend, spend and spend more debt year after year after decade they're in office.

Well, how interesting that finally at least one financial expert on FOX News Network put it out there last week: Suspend the income tax. He said these are desperate times that call for desperate measures. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

There can be no recovery without jobs. Everything that has been done since Congress passed the illegal bank bail outs (signed off by Bush) - right up through the massive stealing for quick fix programs like Cash for Clunkers - are all failures, as predicted, with the end result being more debt. Go take a look at this map of bankruptcies by state.

Go look at this map in real time. Click on foreclosures, then state, then city and then watch what happens. It's staggering. 18.8 MILLION homes (defaults) stood empty during the third quarter. Shocking, and it will get worse as all these government programs do nothing but create more debt, while stealing the American people blind in taxes to pay for this lunacy.

The solution according to Congress (BOTH parties) is continued massive spending for these immoral, unconstitutional invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Continued massive spending for unconstitutional cabinets like the Federal Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. Heck, let's pass a $1.2 TRILLION dollar illegal disaster called health care reform. More proposed debt funded by more borrowing from the communist Chinese, Saudi's, Japanese and anyone else will throw a few billion in our beggar's cup.

The Democrats, along with a number of Republicans, want to further bankrupt the American people with the bogus 'global warming' scam and tax us into rags via another unconstitutional bill called cap and trade. The Republicans did the tax and spend us into unpayable debt from 1995 - 2006, until the Democrats took "power" and now those crooks are lining their pockets:

$23,500,000: "The upper range of net worth Rep. Allan Mollohan (D-WV) accumulated in four years time according to The Washington Post, through earmarks of "tens of millions of dollars to groups associated with his own business partners." Twenty-three million five hundred thousands dollars. Your debt. Your child's debt. They have no future except as slaves to the Gods of DC.

$2,000,000,000: "($2 billion) the approximate amount of money that House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) is earmarking related to his son's lobbying efforts. The son, Craig Obey, is "a top lobbyist for the nonprofit group" that would receive a roughly $2 billion component of the "Stimulus" package." Your debt. Mine. My elderly parents. My daughter. All of us eating this kind of corruption because the American people keep voting these scoundrels back into office.

Dennis Hastert, former Republican Speaker of the House, retired a rich, fat cat. Hastert is a clear cut example of a crook and should have gone to prison. Instead all these rats are sitting real pretty and guess who is paying for all this? You, me, our children and grand children. Massive debt in the tens of millions. We are little better than oxen under the yoke of indentured servitude. Our children will be paying Hastert's very plush retirement for decades while they go without.


In a nation rich in natural and human resources. Look what Congress has done to our country over the past six decades. The states have gone along with the plundering and now we have mothers so desperate to feed their children and keep a roof over their head, they're robbing banks, for God's sake. Fathers so distraught, a half dozen have killed themselves and their entire families over financial hardship.

Millions of Americans are going hungry the last 3-4 days of the month because no matter how frugal they are, there isn't enough left from their paychecks to even buy food. I'm talking husband and wife or single people with two jobs. Moms and dads going with one meal a day at the end of the month so their children can eat two. Here in America while these lying jackals in Washington, DC do nothing but spend and tax us to death. These elites do not care about we the people. They don't care because we are nothing more than the peasant class to them.

Unemployment checks are replacing paychecks. The situation will not get any better unless jobs are created and that will not happen because Americans are saving what little they have left out of fear for the future. They aren't spending because there's nothing left to spend after their paychecks are raided to pay -- not essential and limited functions of a republican form of government - - but hundreds of billions to the "FED" for interest on the national debt and massive payments to the communist UN, the World Bank, BIS and foreign welfare.

The fruits of your labor are being stolen to build schools for the Palestinian Authority. Since 1994, the illegal USAID (United States Aid for International Development) program has thrown $2.4 billion into the Palestinian Authority. Billions stolen from we the people for what? ‚ÄúReduce poverty, improve health and education, create jobs and advance democracy.‚Ä