Democracy in Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood Tortures Political Opponents

Kurt Nimmo
December 11, 2012

14 year old boy shows wounds on head and stomach, the latter from a knife.

The documented intelligence asset the Muslim Brotherhood – a favorite of the Council on Foreign relations and the globalists – has demonstrated it is no better than the regime of Hosni Mubarak and his brutal National Democratic Party.

“Islamist supporters of President Mohamed Morsi captured, detained and beat dozens of his political opponents last week, holding them for hours with their hands bound on the pavement outside the presidential palace while pressuring them to confess that they had accepted money to use violence in protests against him,” writes David Kirkpatrick.

Egyptian activists collected evidence of the abuse and posted it to Twitter and Youtube.

For more details, see this report posted at the Egyptian Independent.

Egypt’s police state was built-up under Sadat (who was on the CIA payroll) and Mubarak. It is now wielded by the Muslim Brotherhood, a long-time British intelligence asset, at the behest of the global elite (the MB’s role as a useful tool was recently confirmed by former British intelligence agent John Coleman).

The so-called Arab Spring has nothing to do with “democracy” or empowering Arabs and Muslims. Foisted on the Arab world by globalist controlled NGOs, the Arab Spring is merely a reshuffling of the deck and an effort to use fanatical Sunni Islam as a control mechanism that will ultimately prove to be more effective at imposing authoritarian rule than anything tried by Mubarak or Sadat.

The CFR point man on the effort to portray the MB and wild-eyed Islamists in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and Libya as the new political wave in the Middle East is Ed Husain.

“There’s glee in Washington that traditional American foes are now friends.

I understand and support that sentiment,” Husain writes. “Having advocated for over a year for issues-based engagement with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, I was delighted to host a delegation from their Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for meetings at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and Washington.”

“I think if the Muslim Brotherhood is brought in to a broader coalition but on the condition that it respects the peace treaty toward Israel, that it’s respectful to the west and it respects human rights,” he told Fox News last year.


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