DEMOCRATS’ WORST NIGHTMARE: The minority majority that Trump is winning right now

06/10/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.3K Views

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Thanks to fake news, every Democrat and Liberal American believes with one hundred percent conviction that Donald J. Trump is a racist, even without one single shred of proof. Not only do they believe he is a racist, but they also think he is a white supremacist who hates all immigrants, of every nationality, creed and color. The irony of that situation comes as the entire Democrat Party is shrinking daily, as millions from their "voter base" are realizing just how demented, useless and evil Dark Brandon and his cohorts really are. Trump is winning over thousands of minority individuals daily, proving he cares about all Americans, not just the "white" ones.President Donald J. Trump never was a racist, and he certainly is not one now. He has never said or done anything that supports that, and in fact, it's the Democrat Party that supports KKK activists and racists, like the late known leader of the KKK, a Grand Wizard Klansman and former U.S. Senator, Robert "Bobby" Byrd (D-W. VA). Byrd was an active member and black hater who supported HATE CRIMES back in the day (1940s and beyond), and Senile Joe gave him a loving eulogy when the White Supremacist Democrat died.
The Democrats have other black-hater operatives in their organization, like Ralph "Blackface" Northam, former Governor of Virginia. Blackface Northam was caught dressing up KKK-style in a medical yearbook picture that got circulated and went viral on the internet. Now Northam has opened up the Black-hating Democrat headquarters in Virginia to promote the next POTUS election steal campaign. Call it the Grand Wizard Opening in Virginia.
Democrats are getting tired of being canceled by their own cancel culture

Democrats are beginning to realize their party is the party of hate, violence and socialist-communism. Recently, a poll reveals that a whopping three-fourths of voters believe the United States is literally "out of control" and on the "wrong track" under the Dark Brandon Communist Regime. This is part of the reason Trump is winning over minorities left and right (pun intended). People in metropolitan cities, like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit, are realizing that the crime rates are skyrocketing, businesses are shuttering, and it's all thanks to the Democrats in charge. Oops. More voters for non-racist Trump.
Another survey, a Hart Research/Public Opinion Strategies/NBC News survey reveals that 73 percent of voters believe America is on the wrong track under Biden, setting the record for the most Americans having this opinion of any President ever (not even George W. could pull if off with his 70 percent disapproval rating, or Obama with his 65 percent disapproval rating).
As Blacks and Hispanics are quickly realizing, the Biden Administration hates everybody, not just the Republicans and Independents. Non-white voters are quickly turning away from the Hate Party (#WalkAway). The Biden Regime is crippling all businesses by destroying America's infrastructure, spending trillions yearly, and keeping unnecessary wars going all around the planet. The Biden Regime hates children and families, as they try to wreck them by pushing for atheism, gender fluidity, child trafficking, human trafficking, extreme drug use, drug dealing, theft, zero-bail policies for criminals and rampant crime in all cities.
Just in the past 4 years, surveys reveal that non-white voters have shifted 40 points in favor of the GOP, a big change from the 7-point Democrat lead in that category in 2016. As Demented Joe's cognitive downward spiral worsens, and the stubborn political elitists in DC pretend it's not happening, most of America can now see the forest for the trees. Nobody shows up for Sleepy Joe's campaign meetings except paid trolls and Leftist media slaves and presstitutes. And that folks, is why Donald Trump is winning the majority of the minorities over. He actually has respect for Americans, unlike Nemesis Joe.
It's the Democrat Party that hates minorities, not Trump and the Republicans. In fact, Trump leads Biden by 14 points among Arab Americans, who almost all oppose his handling of the Gaza Genocidal Blitzkrieg by Israel. Wake up America. Trump is not the white supremacist or immigrant hater the fake news says he is. They have no proof. Check it out. Meanwhile, tune your apocalypse dial to for updates on the biggest election in the history of the world that's happening in just 5 months.
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DEMOCRATS’ WORST NIGHTMARE: The minority majority that Trump is winning right now –