Democrats' dismay mounting at upcoming red, white, and blue midterm wave

The president's wildly popular nationwide rallies are going to pay off soon.

October 28, 2018
By Tiberiu Dianu

Since December 2017, the mainstream press has been trying to implant in the general public the idea that a Democratic "blue" wave is going to hit America during the midterm elections of November 6, 2018. Initial polls were showing a double-digit advantage in the generic ballot for Democrats.
In the meantime, weeks away from the much awaited day, President Trump is holding national rallies attended by audiences with six-figure numbers, the economy is booming, and the "wave" is disappearing. After they tacitly accepted their possible defeat for the Senate, the Democrats are all terrified by the idea of failing to take control of the House of Representatives, too.
Their leaders, like Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, in an attempt to save face, attempted to cool down their supporters' high expectations.
Also, the media attempted to divert voters' attention with last-minute fake news on apparent Trump fan Cesar Sayoc and his fake bombs against liberal celebrities. In the end, diversions of this type will have the same effect as fake bombs: no harm done.
What will really happen at the midterm elections is a different kind of wave – not "blue" (since Democrats' real color is red), but red, white, and blue, inspired at least in part by President Trump's patriotic stance on the American flag and the National Anthem. "We kneel in prayer, and we stand in front of our national flag," the president has said repeatedly during his popular rallies. These are powerful words that have inspired the members of the young generation.
One of them is the high school student Jackson Dean Nicholson, who, during a football game, expressed his true feelings via a personal, countrified version of National Anthem. Asked later by the Fox News Channel reporters what his source of inspiration was, the young man with a raspy voice said simply: "I'm an American and proud of that!"
Americans should rest assured: America is in good hands. The midterm elections of 2018 will beat their precedents. Bigly.