Democrats, media running out of “maneuvering room” to hide Biden scandals: “almost a panic setting in”

07/28/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.9K Views

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The establishment is working overtime trying to bury scandal after scandal involving the Biden regime and the Biden crime family, but there are now so many scandals receiving so much attention all at once that it is a losing battle.
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley commented recently that Democrats and their media lapdogs are running out of "maneuvering room" to squirm their way out of the bribery allegations involving the fake president.
"I think that there is almost a panic setting in the media," Turley told John Roberts of "America Reports." "They all want to move on because the alternative is to recognize one of the most significant corruption scandals in modern history, but it's something the media played a role in suppressing, so they want everyone to move on."
"That's just not going to happen. The evidence is mounting. You had these two whistleblowers testify in Congress and you'll notice the Democrat members asked very little about their specific allegations."
One of them, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), attempted to question one of the whistleblowers, only to have said whistleblower completely destroy Biden within minutes.
"He ended up demolishing the Biden defense in less than five minutes," Turley explained about the whistleblower's testimony. "He got the witness to confirm that Joe Biden did in fact speak to his son about business dealings."
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Joe Biden lied under oath; time to IMPEACH

The exchange between Goldman and the whistleblower centered around a WhatsApp message that Hunter Biden sent to a Chinese businessman in which Hunter told said businessman that his father Joe was sitting right next to him.
"Bribery is the second crime mentioned in the impeachment clause," Turley said.
"Whenever you see that word, it raises very serious implications for a sitting president. And what's really troubling, John, is that these denials by the president were not only made when he was running for the presidency, but have continued during the presidency."
The media has been running cover for the Biden crime family ever since the New York Post reported on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop, which was dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop where emails related to illicit business dealings were found on its hard drive.
Big Tech did everything it could to suppress the story, as did the corporate-controlled media. As far as the establishment was concerned, the laptop story was "fake," and we were all supposed to just accept that claim and move on.
When nobody moved on and people continued to probe for the truth about the Biden crime family, the media and Democrats became more desperate. They involved the FBI and other three-letter agencies in cracking down on those drawing attention to the laptop, including the Post itself which saw its Twitter account locked as punishment.
Then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also had her Twitter account silenced simply for sharing the report. Despite all this, it was confirmed that the emails were, in fact, authentic, and that Hunter and "the big guy," his dad, were involved in illegal dealings with rogue foreign nations.
"Hunter provided Burisma an analysis of geo-political conditions that closely looked like a version of a classified report," one commenter wrote about the matter. "The analytic judgments outlined were identical to those in the classified version. Hunter had zero experience in the analytics provided."
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Democrats, media running out of “maneuvering room” to hide Biden scandals: “almost a panic setting in” –