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Thread: The Democrats' perpetual pandemic

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    The Democrats' perpetual pandemic

    The Democrats' perpetual pandemic

    by Eddie Scarry
    March 24, 2021 12:10 PM

    To read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is to believe that we have essentially ended the pandemic: "Vaccines are available;" "schools across the nation are reopening;" "testing is widespread;" "hospitalizations and deaths are declining."

    Daily new cases are averaging about one-fifth of what they were at the start of the year. The market is flooded with three vaccines that are more effective than anyone had predicted.

    And yet, here we are. President Biden, Democrats, and the "experts" keep telling us we're stuck. And because we're stuck, that means economic lockdowns in our biggest cities remain in place. And with economic lockdowns in place, Democrats push for more welfare, though they usually refer to it as "relief."

    Has everyone not yet realized that this was the goal? During the campaign, Biden said he would "shut down" the new coronavirus. Once he got into office, he declared, "There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic."

    A lot of people thought that was true all along, yet the public was led to believe that Biden would oversee the pandemic's eventual end. But Biden and Democrats don't have an end in mind.

    Remember last year when liberals insisted that we needed unlimited testing, contact tracing, and vaccines to "stop the spread"? You don't hear about that anymore. Now we hear about "new variants" of the virus that threaten to render our current vaccines obsolete.

    They've laid the groundwork for a perpetual pandemic. And, with a pandemic that never ends, that means more welfare.

    Democrats have already gotten started by securing thousands of dollars in monthly payments that go directly to people with children for no reason other than that they gave birth.

    As Biden said Tuesday, "If you have two children, $7,200 will be paid on a monthly basis."

    That's a lot of unplanned pregnancies that you, the taxpayer, are now going to finance.

    That pricey government giveaway lasts through the rest of this year, with the hopes of Democrats that they can make it permanent. They'll probably succeed.

    They talked a lot about the "new normal." A perpetual pandemic is what they meant.
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    It is becoming easier and easier to see that the whole thing was a global fraud from the very beginning. It is all a ruse to cover up more serious problems that are becoming too hard to ignore. Trump originally said it was a "hoax". Not exactly a hoax, nobody is doing this for their own amusement. There is an agenda.

    Every year they have been offering vaccinations and they are always for some new strain of some virus. Every year during flu season, you could get these vaccines at drug stores and other outlets. So they just give one of these viruses a name and announce a pandemic. The rest follows pretty easily.

    We have been seeing members of the Asian immigrant community running around with masks since the late eighties. Now everybody is required to do the same. What's the connection?
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    The swamp creates "problems"...then throws our money at it to "solve" the problems they create. A never ending money pit at our expense.

    The swamp creates "diseases" in their labs...then throws our money at it to "solve" the problems they create.

    The Flu is never cured, but they pump you full of their poisonous vaccines every year. Cancer is not cured and they pump you full of chemo drugs to further destroy your body. No mention of the "Zika" crises, but now they manufactured mosquitos to dump all over Key West...another disaster of their making.

    When will it be convenient for Ebola to rear it's ugly head to fit their next agenda against us and dump more of our money at that?

    Soros, Gates, Fauci, Birx, Big Pharma, Pelosi, Feinstein, Bush, Obama, Biden and the deep state swamp rats all get rich off their money laundering, investing in these companies, and their insider trading.

    Who is getting rich off the hand sanitizers, the masks, the Lysol, the PPE, the lies of Covid deaths to give hospitals more money, the needles, the vaccine, the packaging, the shipping, the list is long.

    These nasty corrupt people have wasted trillions of our dollars.

    Trillions of dollars that could be spent on creating jobs, affordable housing, repairing electrical grids, bridges, sewer and water systems that would put people in good paying jobs and off welfare and food stamps.
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