Democrats rushing through Puerto Rico power grab today

The Puerto Rico Democracy Act is a Non Binding Resolution? The Tennessee Plan is Coming

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Thursday, 29 April 2010 06:02

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After reading Robert Moon's article in the Conservative Examiner, yesterday and watching the Glenn Beck video below, you will see how our elected representatives are moving under the cover of smoke and using mirrors to deflect our attention to issues like financial reform. HR 2499, being voted on today, if passed it will force a yes or no vote in Puerto Rico.

If passed, the trigger is pulled on the second question....oh my.

Democrats rushing through Puerto Rico power grab

from the Conservative Examiner and Robert Moon ... power-grab

Quietly sailing through the House this week is yet another piece of partisan stealth legislation aimed at manufacturing more Democrat power at the expense of the American people, the economy and the country.

This time, it's the Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499). It would force Puerto Rico to vote on U.S. statehood and is designed to stack the deck in favor of statehood, going even as far as to require the territory to vote every eight years until statehood is accepted. ... rh.txt.pdf


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from is today

Critical Glenn Beck Video-must watch all 20 minutes to "GET IT"

Glen Beck Video - The One Thing: 4/28 ... r_embedded


Not only is Puerto Rico already a fully-functioning democracy, but it has also repeatedly rejected attempts to turn it into a U.S. state, for decades.

But still, desperate to create new Democrat voters and elected officials, the left is now aggressively setting the stage for the creation of a 51st state.

Due to its dense population of poverty-stricken minorities, Puerto Rico can be counted on to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and all their handouts, and their representation will also consequently outnumber that of 25 other existing U.S. states.

Meanwhile, with Puerto Ricans having an average income of less than half that of our poorest state, they will instantly become eligible for dozens of our welfare programs. Truckloads of taxpayer dollars will also have to be perpetually dumped into the territory, by federal law, to bring it up to American infrastructure and environmental standards.

This will also force the U.S. to become a bi-lingual country overnight, which will produce a whole new set of problems. ... 5095897226


Thanks to Robert Moon at the Conservative Examiner and Glenn Beck for his detailed explanation of the progressive's agenda and their dismantling of our Republic.

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