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Is the climate itself bigoted against blacks?

Democrats claim they can make the climate more fair...

Democrats Argue that Climate is Bigoted Against the Black Community, Unleash ‘Hip-Hop Caucus’

What does hip-hop music have in common with climate change? We’re not sure, but members of the Congressional Black Caucus are hoping that they can connect with young African Americans through the music to bring awareness of the effects of climate change with The ‘Hip-Hop Caucus.’
The group, which includes Democratic Congressmen Keith Ellison (MN) and André Carson (IN), will be making a six-stop college tour.
On a press call, Congressman Keith Ellision strained to explain why the black community is disproportionately hurt by climate change:
“If you’ve ever wondered about test scores between black students and white students, if you’ve ever wondered about health disparities, if you’ve ever wondered about who gets to make it through the flood and the big bad storm and who doesn’t, you really don’t have to look any further than this issue of climate change.”
The unstated subtext is absurd: Only the state can control the climate and prevent blacks from being discriminated against by it, or in other words, the government should try to make “climate” and its effects equal. Including in the area of “test scores.” Really? This is the same government that can’t set up a healthcare website.
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