The Devil You Know

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Politics is the entertainment branch of the Military-Industrial Complex.
- Frank Zappa

Democracies die behind closed doors.
- Judge Damon J. Keith

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.

My Thoughts on the Election: The Devil You Know

Regular readers know that I voted for the Libertarian candidate for President, former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. I outlined my reasons for this choice in several posts, most definitively in my piece Meet Gary Johnson: The Libertarian for President Polling at 7% in Colorado. While I was already excited for my first act of Presidential civil disobedience, I didn’t realize how truly liberating it would feel until the next morning.

Many Americans voted for “the lesser of two evils” and were disappointed

in the result. This must have been an emotional double whammy in the sense that not only did the guy you disliked so much that you were willing to vote for a candidate you didn’t like win, but you didn’t vote your conscience.

Personally, I didn’t have to deal with either emotion because I voted for the person I liked the most despite residing in a swing state. What allowed me to do this was the complete and total recognition that under both major candidates America loses.

My major issues are:

  1. The Federal Reserve scam and Wall Street theft.
  2. Civil liberties and the destruction of the Constitution.
  3. Our aggressive foreign policy and imperial wars abroad that help only the oligarchs and impoverish the masses.

On these three issues, Mitt Romney would have been as bad if not worse than Obama and that is why Mitt Romney lost. There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about the future of the Republican Party and rightly so.

The strange genius of Obama’s first term was that it was a perfect continuation of the disastrous policies of George W. Bush, and he was able to get away with it because of the “left cover” that the brainwashed fake liberal class in America provided him.

This left the Republican establishment desperate and confused and this came through crystal clear in Romney’s Presidential run.

Unless the Republican Party rids itself of the chicken-hawk, neo-con, warmongering contingency that seems to have a peculiar obsession with the female gender’s reproductive habits, they are doomed to disappear.

It is so out of step with the growing political awakening in America it’s not even funny.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has basically become the Republican party under George W. Bush with the exception that they support abortion and gay marriage.

Politics is becoming very interesting indeed.

I have to admit that I was much less irritated by Obama’s victory on Wednesday morning than I expected to be.

There are several reasons for this.

First of all, he is the devil we know. By this I mean that the resistance to Obama and his crony-capitalist, fascist policies is reasonably well advanced.

Obama spent his entire first term blaming his predecessor for the crappy economy.

He will have no one to blame but himself in the collapse that is coming.

This is good and will allow people to finally focus on some real issues.

Furthermore, there are many prominent progressive journalists and activists that held his feet to the fire throughout his first term and will continue to make the arguments in the second.

On the other side of the political spectrum, although Gary Johnson received a disappointing 1% of the popular vote, he still did get 1.1 million votes and the Libertarian movement is strongest with the youth, which is of course the future.

While still only a bud barely breaking the surface of the soil, the Liberty Movement is alive and well and will only grow in the years ahead, as power is transitioned from the baby boomers and their tired ideas to a new generation that sees the world very differently from their parents.

I believe that had Romney won, the fight to really change things would have been delayed.

His supporters would have held back criticism for a while as they “hoped” that he would make it all better.

It would have take a little while for them to realize that he is just another crony capitalist oligarch puppet.

Based on his comments and Wall Street backing, there is no doubt that he would never have done absolutely zero in the realm of structural reform.

The country has cancer, not a common cold, and our response therefore must be much more serious than either of these corporate candidates are willing to commit to.

We know that such legitimate change will not come from the political class and Gary Johnson’s disappointing result proves to me that things will have to get ten times worse before the public gets the joke.

Unfortunately, it will get ten times worse in the coming years, and I strongly believe that 2013-2016 will be a historic period in the political transformation of the United States.

The show is over.

It’s time to buckle up.

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