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    Distressed and Oppressed US Needs a Fresh New Start in Nov

    Draining the American Dream from our everyday existence

    Our Distressed and Oppressed Country Needs a Fresh New Start in November

    By Jerry McConnell
    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    I know it’s not just me; that there are probably thousands, if not millions, of good, honest American citizens who wonder where so much of our country’s morals and decency have disappeared to. What happened? Did we get invaded by some strange and villainous sect of nomads that are slowly draining the American Dream from our everyday existence leaving just a lot of cold-hearted robots in its place?

    It is also puzzling to me how one of this country’s major political parties could be so taken over by people who show more loyalty to the United Nations than they do to their fellow countrymen and women. Where have all the patriotic, God-loving, family valued home bodies gone from the current liberal Democratic Party that used to exist?

    I grew up in an Irish Catholic Democrat family. Back in the Great Depression days of the 1920s and 1930s the very first thing we thought of as kids was how to help our neighbors. I grew up in a very eclectic nationality neighborhood that consisted of families with such diversified backgrounds as Irish, English, German, Italian, Scottish, Welsh, French, Scandinavian, Greek, Polish, Spanish.

    As kids we were never aware of all of those various classifications; we never used any of those titles or classifications, we were just Joey, Sonny, Jack, Bill, Junior, Georgie, Tony, Leroy, Buck, and so on. We had our own little squabbles but they were mostly over whether a pitch was a ball or a strike or if Junior made it across the line for the first down.

    But today there is a sharpness in the air everywhere you go. There’s tension and suspicions so thick that they can actually be felt without a word being said. Why are we so paranoid and untrusting; and why has our political discourse devolved into rancor and heated debate? Don’t we all want the same things any more? Why have we allowed politics to turn friends into combatants? And why is it so hard to trust anyone who is running for political office?

    I think a lot of this came about when for 58 years out of a 60-year period from 1935 to 1995 one party controlled the governance of our country, creating a sort of ‘entitlement’ mentality that bred corruption and wealth based on longevity or entrenchment in office. It was discovered that the more times a person got reelected into our Congress the more power he gained just through seniority; power that also gained more wealth from various sources, not all through payrolls.

    That dug-in party was the Democrat Party and they rode a long and wild ride of leadership that was devastating to lose when the elections in 1994 jettisoned the old warriors and installed a new Republican group in 1995. During the next decade or so, the old leaders of the Democratic Party were gradually replaced by a more modern and liberal group that became so obsessed with regaining the power of leadership that they lost contact with humanity and fought with any weapon available to make their gains.

    Then came that long-awaited moment in 2006 when a tsunami wave of “fed-up-‘ness
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    we know what we have now but we don't KNOW WHAT we are going to get in nov .
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