August 10, 2012 by Tim Brown
DNC Shuts Down Local Small Businesses

B56536_BETHSINGER_FLAGThe Democrat National Convention rolls into Charlotte soon and guess what they are hindering? Businesses. While Barack Obama claims that business owners didn’t build their own businesses all by themselves, one thing is for sure he certainly can help them lose money.

In Charlotte, because of the Secret Service many big and small businesses are trying to determine what they will do.

Businesses like Bank of America, Duke Energy, and Wells Fargo plan to allow quite a bit of workers to work at home. Their buildings are right in the center of Charlotte and as such, close by to the Time Warner Cable Arena.

But what about small businesses? You know those businesses that Obama said didn’t get built by their owners?

Take Doug Bialy, for instance. Mr. Bialy owns D&D Flooring. His business sits in the shadow of the Bank of America building and though he will only see restrictions of the road he is on for about 2 days, it could cost him thousands of dollars. While he has had to submit a list of people allowed to be at the store, drive up customers and deliveries from FedEx and UPS are not authorized. Bialy says,

“We’ll lose another day of business in a slow economy, which we really can’t afford to do.”

He has asked to be reimbursed for lack of access, but he says the answer he’s received is….he hasn’t gotten one.

The “No Grease Barber Shop” in the Time Warner Cable Arena is not shutting down, even though they will have similar issues with restrictions. One of the barbers, Timothy Doe, said that he’s expecting some of the politicians to come in for haircuts just before television appearances.

Well don’t count on that. After all, we know that Barack Obama flies his barber into Washington from Chicago to cut his hair and the Congress has bailed out the Congressional barber shop in Washington so I’m guessing they’ll have their hair already done by the time they arrive in Charlotte.

Doe claim it won’t hurt them, but it will give them an advantage because they’ll be right in the center of things.

Johnny Burrito also will face a DNC dilemma, even though they are just outside the restriction zone. They pose the question to customers:

If we build burritos will you come? Will you be in the “Center City” and buying burritos / tamales, Tuesday Sep. 4- Friday, Sep 7?

Apparently most people won’t be. Owner Johnny Bitter isn’t sure that he’ll be open on those days.

Other businesses decided to not fight it and declare a vacation. Mail deliveries, FedEx, and UP all plan on operating on a normal schedule.

So, I listen to Charlotte, NC radio and this was touted as “good” for the community and businesses. But from what we are seeing here, it is the exact opposite of that and the elitest DNC like it just like that.

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