Do NOT Fall For These Two New Facebook Scams

by Top Right News on September 17, 2014 in BREAKING
by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News
Two new posts are going viral on Facebook, with tens of thousands of users clicking on them in just two days.
Don’t be one of them.
That’s because they are scams that can leave your computer with a fresh batch of malware, or worse.
One scam targets the current Apple iPhone hysteria, the other intense curiosity over brutal ISIS beheadings and murders in the Mideast.
1. Free iPhone 6! (Not)
This scam is asking Facebook users to “like” their page, fill out a survey and then share a link to their site with your friends to get a shiny, new, Pop Tart-sized iPhone 6. It’s that sharing component that is enabling it to spread across news feeds.
According to
“Some of the available surveys want you to provide your mobile phone number, ostensibly to go in the draw for extra prizes or offers. But by submitting your number, you will actually be subscribing to a very expensive text-messaging “service” that will charge you several dollars every time it sends you a message.”
So now new iPhone. But you will be out your personal information, perhaps some money and will have probably earned the wrath of any friends you spammed into signing up for the same scam.
2. New brutal ISIS murder video! (Not)
Among the top 10 most viral videos of the past month are videos showing (in limited or gruesome detail) the beheadings of two journalists held hostage by ISIS.
Scammers know this, and have concocted a new fake video, this time using a female subject to try and entice more women as click victims.
Do not click on the scam below:

If you do, here is what happens: You’ll be taken to a third-party site that is dressed up to look like it’s affiliated with Facebook. There will be convincing comments there left by other “viewers” about how shocking the video is and that you must click it and that you won’t believe your eyes, etc. At that point you’ve already given up personal data.
But if you still insist on then clicking the actual video, you’ll be prompted to share the video with your friends and install a plugin before being allowed to watch it. This is where the malware comes in, as the blog Hot For Security explains: “When clicking on the install button, users end up downloading an executable file on their computers, which drops adware or malicious code, depending on their luck.”
You would never click on such things? Good. But approximately 40,000 people already have…so if you are intent on seeing ISIS carnage, make sure you do it only from a reputable news website.