In another attack on private property, the United States government is now considering a bill in the Lame Duck that would take another chunk of land out of private ownership.

I understand protecting the wilderness to some extent, and having national or state forests and such – I really do. Being a camper, I appreciate the scenery and the untouched land and lakes. It provides me with a sense of being more than just flotsam in the universe when I can go out and hike a trail, smell the forest and just sit and ponder things at the side of a beautiful lake. So, yes, I comprehend the need for places like that, and I don’t want people making assaults on those bastions of beauty.

However, I am also a capitalist. I have actually spent money to stay at those parks, money that I earned while working. I also have owned my own forest land that I don’t believe that anyone has a right to but myself because I spent hard earned dollars on that land.

Michelle Malkin, one of the best out there at discovering things like this, has brought up in an article this bill showing how the government, not satisfied with 1/3 of all the acreage in America, is now ready to grab some more, and to do it in a sneaky manner here at the end of the year.

Michelle writes:

The Democrats’ brazen serial abuse of the lame-duck session is as damning as the green job-killing agenda enshrined in the overstuffed public lands package. Earlier this month, Reid assigned worker bees on three Senate committees — Energy and Natural Resources, Commerce, and Environment and Public Works — to draw up their public lands wish list. All behind closed doors, of course. House Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., rightly dubbed it a “Frankenstein omnibus of bills