In revealing interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits drops bombshell revelations about the weaponization of science and medicine

04/16/2024 // Belle Carter // 3.8K Views

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Renowned virologist and biomedical research scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits has uncovered how health authorities have been weaponizing science and medicine for their own gain. Mikovits made these shocking revelations during a recent interview with the Health Ranger Mike Adams on the "Health Ranger Report."Adams brought up how the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had many Americans become aware that their government agencies have been weaponized against them and humanity. He said it was not just the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but also the National Institutes of Health, which sort of became the "grandmaster" of a lot of the weaponization under Dr. Anthony Fauci, former White House chief medical advisor.
"It goes back to 1982 at Fort Detrick. That's when I was reduced in force by Ronald Reagan, who ran on a campaign of reducing the size of the federal government," Mikovits explained, referring to United States Army Futures Command installation Fort Detrick in Maryland, the center of American biological weapons research. "Well, he didn't reduce it. He brought us all back as contract research organizations."
Mikovitz also revealed that she had been held "J6 style" in a Ventura County jail, and proceeded to disclose that in 1982, she was told by Robert Gallo to manufacture in an open-air centrifuge 50 gallons of human T-lymphotropic virus 1 (HTLV 1), the first disease associated with human retrovirus discovered by Frank Rossetti.
Gallo is a biomedical researcher best known for his role in discovering the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as the infectious agent responsible for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and in the development of the HIV blood test.
"It is manufactured in the tumor cell line grown straight from a man, straight from the black man who died in Jamaica. And so there you get the tumor and you put it in culture. You don't isolate it, then manufacture it, and it wasn't as gorgeous as fires," she said.
"You're saying that you were arrested because of the science and knowledge that you had," Adams clarified. "And I think what you're saying is that the entire medical-industrial complex, they had the cures. They could have cured cancer and AIDS, but they withheld that from the public, and instead they weaponized it to grow pro-tumor substances to be put into the vaccines to inject people to cause cancer, to cause AIDS, to cause mass death." (Related: Dr. Judy Mikovits sounds the alarm on EXPLODING cancer rates courtesy of COVID vaccines.)
Mikovits agreed. Furthermore, she claimed to have patents in 2009 and 2010 for "God-given" plants and botanicals that can strengthen immune systems and cure prostate cancer. She said all the patents before that and all the intellectual property of Rossetti were ignored.
"We know what they did. They fired him. They locked him in a closet in Fort Detrick," she said. "They shut him down. They took it all. They give somebody else your work, they publish it as fraud."
Mikovits: Fauci, allies are members of the cult called "scientism"

Elsewhere in the show, Adams said there must be 100 or more people in the biotech industry who are aligned with Satanism and are willing to murder or slaughter anything for power and for profit. "I would put Fauci obviously in that category."
Mikovits said it is a cult and not Satanism. "It's a cult called scientism. It has nothing to do with science."
"It has nothing to do with truth. It has nothing to do with data. Facts are facts. Everything we present in our data is facts. They're not an opinion, they're not anything, but how the word world works. You discover nature, but you can't patent it. So what did they do? A little gain a function to modify it so that they can own it," she added.
"Health authorities still don't have anything planned for us but there is still something we can do. We have the cures right here. I have every [transforming growth factor] TGF beta antibody and every formulation from a botanical adjuvant that is FDA-approved."
Mikovits believes she does not need to build a nutritional supplement because she already wrote a patent. "These people are all being drugged with poisons. We can't use supplements anymore. Look at the poison in there. You have to use botanical adjuvants. You have to use the drugs at very low doses to kill those so that the aneuploidy never happens." Aneuploidy is an abnormality in the number of chromosomes in a cell due to loss or duplication.
Watch the full episode of the "Health Ranger Report" with Mike Adams featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits below.

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In revealing interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits drops bombshell revelations about the weaponization of science and medicine –