By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 26, 2010

So far, Obama and congress get no medal for brilliant health care service. They do however get a few gold medals for attempting and planning to control the largest part of our economy and shredding our constitution and freedom. Now, Obama has been pushing his new, raised from the dead version of a health care bill. Naturally, he and the members of congress are consulting, ‘reconciling’ and having 6 hour summits. You know, they are talking and trying to show respect now to House and Senate Republicans.

Manipulation, kiss up, pay offs and distortion are happening everywhere. Unfortunately it appears that their Lazarus is raising from the dead again. It will know doubt be a bastardized but twin like version of the Senate Health bill from what we hear now.

I believe this recent talk with the Republicans by Obama was just to have a strategy to assign blame to if something doesn’t pass or something different passes and the public continues to turn against Obama and his policies. Somehow Bush and the Republicans will be to blame for it all, then behind them the racist birthers and Tea Party people. ... 51804.html

I predict the large majority, which is growing every day now, will continue to turn against Obama if he and congress continue to ignore Americans who simply do not want any form of this health care bill. As it is now, according to a recent CNN poll, ... Na9XVA5l-j only 25% want the Dems to pass their health care bills! What about that does Obama, Reid and Pelosi not hear???

So far with all these anointed conversations going on nothing has really changed with the health care bill they are pushing now. It still would fund and force the tax payers to pay for abortions (murder). It would still force everyone to have health insurance or else major fines or worse. It still leaves manipulative language in allowing illegal aliens to get health care. It still would force end of life counseling for our seniors. Finally, it would have controlling access to bank accounts, order and manipulate just what health care you get and how long you wait for it, and what of your offered and controlled health care is even paid for by your insurer or Government.

Watch, if Obama and the congress get their way, assisted suicide and abortion would be paid for by insurance but many expensive and needed treatments NOT paid, affecting, no, killing our parents and seniors. Certainly manipulating and pressuring them to consider the paid for….assisted suicide.


Real health care is something that the American people know can be managed and improved from the private sector and involves carrying for ALL, offering quality and needed care in a timely matter. Real health care doesn’t kill young and old and set people up to feel guilty for even being a live. If you want hideous lines, controlled health care, and a program this country cannot afford……by all means support Obama and congress with health care.